Does Josh Groban Have A Wife? Here’s The Skinny On His Relationships


Josh Groban is a singer, actor, and Broadway alum who has been sharing his music with the world for 20 years. While we all know about his beautiful voice, many don’t know much when it comes to the details of Groban’s personal life. Is Josh Groban married? Is he single? We’ve got the lowdown on the charming crooner’s relationship history, including who currently has his heart.

Josh Groban’s Dating History

Groban has clearly made an effort not to live his love life too much in the public eye. But, after some investigating, it’s clear that the musical maestro has quite the star-studded list of exes. Here is the rundown on Groban’s most notable relationships, how they came to be, and what made them fall apart:

January Jones

A rather unexpected pair, Groban had a long-term relationship with Mad Men star, January Jones. They dated from August of 2003 through June of 2006. He said that the two were “madly in love” during this time. After their split, they promised to remain friends.

Katy Perry

This musical couple never officially confirmed their relationship. Still, in early 2009, the two singers both hinted that there was something going on between them. When they began attending red carpets together, Groban claimed that they were “very good friends.” But, he later said that they “might have skated on the line of dating.” (Whatever that means…) In 2017, Perry told James Corden that she wrote her song  “The One That Got Away” about Groban. Luckily, there doesn’t seem to be much residual heartbreak; she insisted that they were still good friends.

April Bowlby

Groban’s relationship with actor, April Bowlby, was on the down-low, but from the sound of it, this wasn’t a long-lasting love. The two allegedly met in November 2009 and broke up four months later in March 2010.

Selma Blair

In another pair you’d never expect to see together, Groban and movie star, Selma Blair, were spotted seeing a movie together in West Hollywood in July 2010.  But, the sightings and rumors of Groban and Blair’s romance ended after that. It sounds like this was a first date that didn’t go any further.

Michelle Trachtenberg

In August 2011, onlookers spotted Groban leaving a restaurant with Buffy The Vampire Slayer alum, Michelle Trachtenberg. There were no sightings or mentions of the pair to follow. In 2014, however, Trachtenberg made a curious tweet that called Groban ​​”gone with the wind fabulous.” Groban replied to the tweet with a seemingly flirty “Takes one to know one! ;)” While it seems like something was definitely going on with these two, the rumors stopped after that.

Kat Dennings  

Groban’s romance with Two Broke Girls actress, Kat Dennings, was probably the most high-profile of the singer’s relationships. The pair made their first public appearance in October 2014 at the Carousel of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills. According to Groban, he and Dennings bonded over their mutual “nerdiness.” He later told Ellen Degeneres that the couple would ​​”talk about Monty Python and all sorts of weird other things.” He also added that his then-girlfriend was a “brilliant and funny person.” But, this love wasn’t meant to be. They split mutually in July 2016 and remained friends.

He’s Currently Dating Schuyler Helford

While the opera expert hasn’t settled down and tied the knot, he does seem to currently have a special someone in his life. Josh Groban’s most recent flame is actor and writer, Schuyler Helford. Helford is known most recently for her role as Brigitte in the Fox sitcom, Call Me Kat. Groban is 10 years older than Helford. He’s currently 40, and she’s 30. 

The two were rumored to have been first spotted at Tony’s Restaurant in Los Angeles in 2018. Their relationship persisted after that, and they were open about their love both on social media and in public, attending many red carpets together. When the COVID lockdown hit, the two quarantined together. According to Groban, “This is definitely a good test for sure… I think a lot of family and relationship dynamics are certainly being tested, but we’re good. It’s a blessing to have companionship and love, and to be able to have that ability to always keep yourself entertained.”  

It sounds like the two had what it took to pass the test of being stuck together all the time. But, as of late, news of the couple has been quiet. Earlier in their relationship, both celebs were very open about sharing their relationship on social media. However, since Helford’s Instagram post about Groban’s celebration for her on her birthday in March 2021, the two have been quiet about each other on the social media app.

For many, this kind of lull in PDA wouldn’t be much of a concern. But, since the two started out so public, this abrupt change raises suspicions about whether they’ve called it quits. Despite the social media silence, the two still follow each other, and no further rumors that there’s trouble in paradise have surfaced. We hope that this couple is still raising each other up and that Groban has found lasting love.

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