Does the Orange and Baking Soda Tiktok Headlights trick really work?


Many people consider car maintenance to be a burden. There are many things to consider when it comes to car maintenance. Tune-ups, oil changes, and engine maintenance. Planned obsolescenceMaintaining your car’s performance is often difficult because of the fact that key components are sometimes proprietary parts offered only by the manufacturer. This is particularly true for anyone who has trouble finding an honest mechanic.

You also have cosmetic options that can be difficult to implement. If you’re lucky enough to have a vehicle that lasts a long time, the problem of your headlight covers fogging is a common problem.

This orange-baking soda trick, which is trending on TikTok, seems to fix that problem.

Is the TikTok orange and baking soda? “hack”Headlights actually work?

Foggy or dirty headlight covers can cause a poor bulb situation on your vehicle.

If your car has ever been to the shop for repairs (either mechanical or cosmetic), you will know how costly it can be. Because labor costs can be quite high, people are increasingly willing to fix older vehicles because they cannot afford a new vehicle. Then, there is always the possibility that a repair shop or dealership will not stand behind their work. They could also be liable for you being screwed if they don’t do their jobs properly.

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tiktok orange car headlight trick

Source: TikTok – @cleanthatup| @cleanthatup

It’s sometimes easier to do the work yourself, even if it’s as simple as changing a pair of headlights. This TikTok is for you. “hack”is supposed do.

It’s easy to do: first cut an orange or piece of citrus fruit into halves. Then, sprinkle some baking soda on the wet side and scrub vigorously for 2-5 mins on the affected headlight.

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You can then rinse it off with water. It sounds easy enough but is it a feasible headlight defogging solution for you?

Source: TikTok | @chrisfixit

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TikTok has seen a lot of people demonstrate the trick and many of them swear that it works. The theory is that this trick works because it uses the same technique as the. “scrubbing”The baking soda’s natural properties and the acidity of citrus fruit produce a reaction that defogs one’s headlights. This gives them crystal clear vision at nights.

Source: YouTube | @69 Jacis

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Others believe that a lemon is more effective than an orange. There were also people who swear by toothpaste or a toothbrush.

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Some people used 3M rubbing compounds and other goodies. Stoney Ridge Farmer, for example, has foggy headlight fixes that produce some of best results online for the low effort required.

You don’t even need to throw away any oranges. Are you familiar with any of these solutions? What were your thoughts?

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