Dog owner warned something ‘bad’ could happen to pet if it doesn’t stop barking


Reddit users have been left shocked after an anonymous neighbour left a threatening note to a dog-owner about the pet’s barking habits – but some agree with the unidentified note writer

A dog owner was shocked when he received a threatening note that something “bad” would happen if his dog didn’t stop barking.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that he received the note from an angry neighbour, who must have been annoyed by the sound of the dog.

The letter threatened the dog owner with repercussions if he didn’t get his pet ‘under control’, as the Silver Screen Beat reports.

After sharing his story on Reddit, the man was inundated with comments from people – with some saying he should call the police.

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The ominous letter: “Something bad is going to happen to your dog if you don’t get it’s barking under control.”

Shocked at the threatening typed note, many people fled to the comments to share their disgust.

One person commented: “At Least they gave you a warning. We had a neighbour who got a note saying ‘your dog can bark all it wants on the farm now’.

“Never found the dog or the person who did it.”

Another user gasped: “That’s so f***ed up.”

While a third person voiced: “That would absolutely freak me out. I don’t even own a dog.”

However, others did not feel sympathy for the dog owner and suggested they take control over their pet.

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One user pointed out: “You folk need to do behaviour treatments if your dog is constantly barking. It’s so f***ing annoying.”

Someone else expressed: “I wouldn’t hurt a dog, but it is infuriating hearing dogs bark all night.”

And, this person remarked: “Also infuriating, a dog incessantly barking, especially when someone is trying to sleep.”

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