Dog rescue from San Diego Zoo’s Gorilla Enclosure in Harrowing Moment – captured on camera


Zookeepers from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park were quick to respond when a dog entered an enclosure with gorillas. Guests who visited the park captured the terrifying moment on camera.  

As the gorillas began to chase the male shepherd, the male shepherd ran for help.  

As the crowd tried to distract him, the gorilla grabbed the dog and tried to grab it.  

Finally, zookeepers were successful in disarming the gorillas and moving them inside. An officer from the humane society was then able safely to enter the enclosure to rescue and save the dog.  

The officer saw the dog being leashed by the officer and then removing the dog from the area for an evaluation. 

The dog wasn’t wearing a collar and did not have a chip. Authorities believe that the dog was a stray who wandered into the park by himself.  

After the 1949 classic film about a playful, giant gorilla, Mighty Joe Young gave him a name: Mighty Joe Young.