Dog the Bounty Hunter Is Reluctant to Investigate Kiely Rodni’s Disappearance


Dog the Bounty HunterHe is a divisive person. Even so, there’s no doubting that when it comes to finding criminals and missing persons, he gives it everything he’s got. The backlash over years has made it difficult for the TV personality to take on high-profile cases.

Dog Resistant to Investigate Missing Person Case

According to Dog the Bounty Hunter Representative, legal name Duane Lee Chapman, he’s being inundated with tips about a recent missing person case out in California. Kiely Rodni, aged sixteen, was last seen at a large party in Tahoe on August 6. Her car and she vanished shortly after. According to Chapman’s rep, he’d like to offer his services to aid in the search, but he’s reluctant.

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After receiving blowback for his participation in Gabby Petito’s murder investigation, Chapman is waiting before jumping into another high-profile case. Gabby Petito’s case garnered national attention last year after she went missing in Wyoming on a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie.

After seeing the news and realizing he was honeymooning in the same area Laundrie’s family lived, Chapman traveled to Laundrie’s sister’s house and was recorded incessantly knocking on her door. Chapman was quickly criticized by many, with some claiming he was interfering in an active police investigation.

Chapman Still Could Investigate the Rodni Case

This time around, Chapman doesn’t plan to rush into Rodni’s case with guns blazing. Instead, he insists he’ll only get involved in two scenarios. To start investigating now, members of Rodni’s family or law enforcement would need to request his services. You can also wait 21 days. Chapman will be able to assist in the search effort if Rodni remains missing by August 27.

According to Chapman, it’s 21 days after initially going missing that cases like these tend to go cold. The clock is ticking. In the meantime, Chapman is still taking whatever tips he can get as to Rodni’s whereabouts.

Kiely Rodni was Last Seen at A Campground

California teenager was last seen leaving a high school graduation party in Nevada County, CA near Lake Prosser reservoir. Despite being located near the Lake Prosser reservoir in Nevada County, CA.There were upwards of 300 people presentAt the party, nobody can pinpoint Rodni’s whereabouts.

Rodni is distinguished by many features, including piercings and a tattoo of the number “17”She was close to her ribcage. Her disappearance occurred while she was wearing a black spaghetti-strap bodysuit, green Dickies pants and Vans shoes. It is not yet possible to locate her 2013 silver Honda CRV with California plates and a sticker for a ram under the rear wiper blade.

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Anyone with information about Kiely Rodni’s disappearance is encouraged to call the Placer County Sheriff’s Office’s tip line at 530-581-6320 and select option seven. The caller does not need to identify himself and can remain anonymous.

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