Dog was left unable walkable after eating human poo from park.


After her Frenchie Cross Staffy became seriously ill from eating human poo containing traces of drugs, her dog owner has issued a warning to others.

Beth Harris, 31, was walking Luna around Goldsworth Park in Woking with her dog Luna when Luna went into the bushes to eat something.

Beth took Luna to Vet4Pets when she started to act strangely. They were able to get Luna to vomit what she had eaten.

Luna, two and a quarter years old, was found to be eating human faeces which, according to the vet, contained drugs.

Beth Harris
Beth Harris watched her dog Luna stare at her and become unable walk.

“Her eyes were glazed over,”Beth shared her story with the Silver Screen Beat.

“She was barely able to walk. My client even said Luna was not looking right so I took her straight to the vets. They immediately asked if she had eaten anything toxic.

“My ex later picked her up, and she was made sick by the vets.

“She threw up human urine, and the vet confirmed that there was drug in it.

Goldsworth Park
Beth believes Luna ate the poo from Goldsworth Park in Woking in Surrey

“He asked if we had anything with cannabis in the house as it is apparently quite common.”

Luna had only eaten the strange item found in Goldsworth Park’s bush.

Beth, a hairdresser pulled Luna quickly from the bushes, but she was unable to see what she ate.

Luna began to show signs of being lethargic and dazed. Beth decided to cancel her clients and to take Luna to the vets.

Luna was brought to Vets4Pets in her locality. Beth was asked whether she had ever eaten anything toxic.

The dog was already very ill due to having eaten the substance in its poo. Beth did not notice the signs quickly and it could have been worse.

Luna needed to be put under anesthesia in case of emergency. Her beloved dog, however, was happy to get rid of some of the substance.

After showing positive signs, Beth prescribed Valium to her. Beth said that she was allowed to go home but that she struggled with her body temperature which fell below Beth’s expectations.

Beth Harris
Beth posted a social media warning following the sick incident

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Luna is still recovering following the incident on November 2 with Beth being handed a bill for over £200 over the incident and faced a further £500 if Luna had to be admitted to the veterinary hospital overnight.

Luna is feeling much better after days of recovery

Luna is doing well and she’s being careful about her.

After being aware that Luna could be in danger, Beth took to social media to warn others.

She stated that she found it disgusting. It is even possible to use the toilets in the park, so it’s not a crime to do this in a bush.

Beth and Luna
Luna is often left by Beth but Beth will continue to keep her in the park.

“Luna is doing a lot better. Still very sleepy and a bit zoned out. I am just glad I was around with her that day as she could have been going to her doggy daycare.

“I will not let her run loose in the park. I urge people to be more aware and vigilant before their dog eats something they shouldn’t.”