Dogs to sink teeth into soft belly Vladimir Putin until he squeaks with £19.99 toy


Pet owners will be free to let their dogs have their furry fun with a toy that looks like Vladimir Putin.

The pet product was designed to look like the Russian topless leader. It is only for dogs to enjoy.

You can now purchase a product thanks to an eBay seller “Pet Hate Toy”You can stuff a Putin-stuffed dog with it and then give it to them in the hope they will rip it to pieces.

Priced at between £17.99 and £19.99 each, the stuffed toy is made in the UK, and described as being “100% pawlitical”.

While Russian president Vladimir Putin wreaks havoc, many people are looking for legal ways to take out their anger on him
While Vladimir Putin, Russian President, is causing havoc in Russia and many are searching for legal avenues to vent their anger towards him

It is made of durable poly-canvas material, stuffed with polyester, and comes filled with two squeakers – one in the head and one in the belly area.

The seller,, also offers other politicians, such as former British Prime Minister Theresa May and Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer, or British Home Secretary Priti Paltel.

You can also get a plush dog-toy version, which is also known as Donald Trump, former US President.

The plush dog toy contains two squeakers - one in the head and one in the belly
The plush dog toys has two squeakers: one in the head, one in your belly.

Sadly, former UKIP leader-turned-GB News presenter Nigel Farage is sold out – which says more about this country than it does about him.

If you were in the market for other strange Putin toys, for around £400 you can shell out on a vinyl Japanese version of the despotic president.

Details of why this exists are hard to come by, but it is thought that the toy was made in a limited run, with some selling on eBay for around £500.

Another seller on the site is selling 1/6 scale Vladimir Putin head sculptures for a little over £50.

The tiny head is made out of plastic and frighteningly realistic.

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