Dolly Parton is sorry she didn’t have a duet on Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You.’


Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston are legends who never had the opportunity to perform the hit single, “I Will Always Love You” together. A recent interview was conducted with Live: Watch What Happens, Parton revealed that she was never approached to perform the song  with Houston. She admits she is embarrassed by the Waiting to Inhale star would have outperformed her vocally, she still would have liked to have sung it with her.

“I was never asked to perform that with Whitney,” Parton revealed. “I wish that could’ve happened, I would have loved that, but I don’t think I could’ve come up to snuff with her, though. She’d have out-sung me on that one for sure.” 

Parton penned “I Will Always Love You”In 1973, she said goodbye to Porter Wagoner in order to be her mentor and business partner. It was a huge hit and reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs twice. Houston’s recording of the song made it a new hit.

Houston Recorded “I Will Always Love You”For The Bodyguard Parton’s 1992 hit song became a worldwide sensation. It reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts 14 times consecutively and was a worldwide success. Houston was awarded the Grammy Record of Year Award for this song.

Parton has always been a fan of Houston’s renditions of songs and she even called Houston to express her appreciation. She shared the following: Grammy.comIt was her favorite song, according to a February 2019 interview.

“I will always treasure, and should, the big crossover with Whitney on ‘I Will Always Love You,’ because that really put me in the forefront as a writer and an artist and I think it made a lot of people see me as a writer,”Parton stated. “I was just a girl with the big hair and big t– and a big personality, but I think that one kind of pointed a finger at me as a serious songwriter and the fact that it did so well and I was so touched by it and so honored by it that. That one will stand out in my mind forever.” 

After her version of “I Will Always Love You”Houston spoke with Houston after the release. Rolling Stone About the country star. “I think Dolly Parton is a hell of a writer and a hell of a singer,”Houston shared. “I was so concerned when I sang her song how she’d feel about it, in terms of the arrangement, my licks, my flavor. When she said she was floored, that meant so much to me.”