Dolly Parton Photoshops her Merch on to Her Husband and Her Fans Are Rolling


Dolly Parton is busy spreading word about her new merchandise. Parton posted a photo showing Carl Dean, her husband wearing one of these shirts, to showcase the merchandise. Parton had to use Photoshop to create Dean in the clothing item, even though it was a throwback picture. Parton’s Photoshop moment was clearly a hit with fans, as evident by the response to her post. 

Parton posted the picture to promote herself New line of merchandise. Dean and she can be seen together in the photo. While she is wearing a red top and yellow trousers, Dean, her husband, is wearing a T shirt that has been digitally altered so it looks like one from her merch line. “Dolly Vintage Collage Tee.”Parton also wrote about the photo. “Find you a partner who will support you like my Carl Dean does!”She also included a link to allow fans to purchase the clothing. 

Parton’s post was a hit with fans because she rarely shares throwback pictures of her and husband. Many more fans were impressed by Parton’s Photoshop skills, and shared their views on the snap via social media. 

Gotta Love Her

Fans were definitely doing double-takes at the photo-editing. Parton is a fan favorite.


A Rareity

As we have already mentioned, “Jolene”Dean is rarely seen in photos. This makes it even more funny for some fans that she used the photo to promote her merchandise.



It is hard to overlook the fact that editing was taking place in the photo. Fans loved it even more because of that.



Some people were confused by all the Photoshopping. They simply want to know the reason they did it.


But why?

Parton did the post to promote her new merchandise line. However, Parton’s fans were still confused. There were many questions.



Although some people were unsure why they Photoshopped it, many fans knew that it was down to the truth. “marketing.”People are talking about it.



Fans love the photo regardless of how it was done in Photoshop. Fans even gave the singer a nickname. “Dolly queen of photoshop Parton.”


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