Dolly Parton’s Fake Jewelry is Why You Will Love Her More


Let’s be honest—nobody needs another reason to love Dolly Parton. The “9 to 5”Singer works tirelessly to make people happy. Parton is well-known for being open about her feelings. ‘fake’appearance, the amazing story behind her fake jewellery is as real as they come.

The Humble Icon

Dolly Parton is an icon. It’s a word that gets thrown around all too often, but with Parton, it’s undeniably true. Fans have loved Parton for her huge voice, big hair and glamorous style for generations.

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The rhinestone cowgirl is proud of her humble roots, despite her celebrity status. The country singer was born in a small cabin in the Great Smokey Mountains. She was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In a move that’s typical of the humble star, Parton initially declined the Hall of Fame nomination, telling fans she didn’t think she was worthy of the honor.

‘We Always Go For Fakes’

It’s been 55 years since the release of her first album and Parton hasn’t slowed down. Today she’s recognized for her philanthropy as much as her music. Parton supports numerous causes, including literacy programs and the development of COVID-19. She’s generous to a fault and would likely give you the shirt off her back—and apparently, the jewelry to match. 

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“She used to wear real stuff,” Parton’s longtime creative director Steve Summers spoke W magazineIn a 2021 profile feature “But if someone told Dolly they liked her earrings, she’d take them off and hand them to that person!” Summers said. “I’d say, ‘Those were real diamonds!’ And Dolly would shrug. So now we always go for fakes.”

The jewels may be fake, but Parton continues to prove that she’s the realest of the real.

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