Dolly Parton’s fascinating world will keep you captivated from 9 to 5.


In the early 1980s, abdominal bleeding led to a partial Hysterectomy. She would never have children. “God has a plan for everything,”She said this in 2017 Today show interview, putting that perfectly positive Parton perspective on the situation. “I think it probably was his plan for me not to have kids so everybody’s kids could be mine. And they are now.”

The 2017 book also reveals this. Dolly Parton Interviews and Encounters with Dolly Parton: Dolly on Dolly,  she’d admitted that the marriage was “totally open and free,”According to excerpts taken by the Daily MailHowever, this openness has led to a secret “affair of the heart” “it just about killed me,”She shared.

She was not exaggerating. Parton said that Parton once thought about taking her own lives after experiencing such heartbreak. “I was sitting upstairs in my bedroom one afternoon when I noticed in the nightstand drawer my gun that I keep for burglars. I looked at it a long time…Then, just as I picked it up, just to hold it and look at it for a moment, our little dog, Popeye, came running up the stairs,”Per the Daily Mail. “The tap-tap-tap of his paws jolted me back to reality. I suddenly froze. I put the gun down. Then I prayed. I kinda believe Popeye was a spiritual messenger from God.”

She continued, “I don’t think I’d have done it, killed myself, but I can’t say for sure. Now that I’ve gone through that terrible moment, I can certainly understand the possibilities even for someone solid like me if the pain gets bad enough.”