Donald Glover finds his Mrs. Smith in Maya Erskine


Donald Glover has found a “dope”In the TV adaptation of “The Husband” a actress will play his wife Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

The actor said that PEN15 actress Maya Erskinewill assume the role Mrs. Smith. “She’s dope,”Glover spoke InterviewAn article in the April 7th issue of magazine “It’s exciting. I really love the show.” 

Based on the 2005 hit movie, the series is named after the star of that film. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who played married assassins unknowingly ordered to kill each other after their covers are blown.

Emmy-winning writer Phoebe Waller-Bridge was originally cast in the role but ultimately dropped out, with Glover confirming that it was due to “classic creative differences.” 

The Fleabag star remains an executive producer co-creator on the series, as well as Glover’s friend—as far as he can tell. “I still like her,” he said, “I assume she still likes me.”

Eriskine recently wrapped up her and Anna Konkle‘s second and final season of PEN15. The Hulu series was a heartwarming and hilarious tale of two middle schoolers who are trying their best to navigate puberty, family conflict and friendship. 

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