Donatella Versace Reflects 25 Years After Gianni Versace’s Murder


Donatella VersaceStill reeling from the death of her brother. Gianni Versace.

On July 15, Donatella marked the 25th anniversary of his death, sharing a carousel of throwback photos of Gianni, including a black and white pic of herself with him, on social media.

“25 years of missing you, Gianni,”She captioned the Instagram Post. “Every day, I wish you were still here.”

Gianni was murdered by a serial killer in his Miami Beach mansion on July 15, 1997. Andrew Cunanan After a morning walk, he went to buy an Italian newspaper at a local café. He was 50 years of age. 

The Versace founder was just days away from his murder when he visited Paris to launch a new collection.

Gianni’s partner, Antonio D’AmicoHe heard the gunshots and fled outside. “My heart just stopped to beat,”He told the story Dateline in 2017, speaking out about the murder for the first time. “So, I ran out and then I saw Gianni laying down on the stairs in blood.”

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