Dorinda M. Medley: ‘Ultimate Girls Trip 2′ Season 2 is a Much Bigger Production’ (Exclusive).


It’s Bluestone Manor as it should be Real HousewivesIt is a sight fans have not seen before. Dorinda Medley teased Season 2, of Peacock’s. Real Housewives Ultimate Girls TripIn an exclusive interview with PopCulture she revealed that production was beyond what was necessary to create a spinoff that will thrill Housewives fans. Eight days spent at the Berkshires home of Vicki Gunvlason with Tamra Judge and Taylor Armstrong, Eva Marcille, Jill Zarin and Taylor Armstrong was something that Medley has never done before. 

“Well, I didn’t know what to expect, number one. And I had no idea that it was going to be such a… It’s a much bigger production, what Peacock does,”The Real Housewives of New York City star shared. Moving from “four or five” camera operators during a normal RHONYSeason to “almost a hundred people”This was a big change for the hostess. 

“Then you’ve got to remember we’d all been in the pandemic for a long time and all very isolated,”She went on. “I mean, I’ve never, first of all, had eight people stay at my house for eight days ever, family or not.”The bringing in of housewives from Beverly Hills and Atlanta, Orange County, New York City and New York City. Dorinda Medley makes it nice Host teased her fellows about serious ups and coming downs “big personalities.”

“So we’re all big personalities. Some of them haven’t been on TV for a minute,”She elaborated. “So you bring all that energy into Bluestone Manor up on the hill, put us all together for eight days, and you can only imagine what is to come of it. I will tell you this. Like it, don’t like it, you’re not going to be bored.” Medley continued, “Our interactions are very old school. We’re very good at getting in there, having our little things, but then coming out of it.”

Medley shared that out of all the Housewives fighting and bonding that took place over eight days, she was most surprised at her bonding with Marcille or Parks. “I didn’t know Phaedra or Eva at all, and I really clicked with them,”She shared. “We just kind of have the same quirky personality [and are] strong women. And we kind of really shared the spirituality bond … and that for me is a big thing in my life.”

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Medley doesn’t think “anyone’s heard anything yet”About her possible return RHONYTeased, but not spelled. “I think that you never know. I could be back making it nice again – and making it not nice too sometimes.”The Bravo star is now focusing her attention on her. Bluestone Manor brandRadio Andy, health.

As an ambassador for NutrisystemMedley claimed that she’s still with us. “going strong”Her wellness journey, two years in. “Because it’s not just about dieting. You know? Those are buzz words that are scary – dieting. You know, ‘How long are you going to be on it?’ It’s a lifestyle,”She said that she added: “It’s easy cleanup, and it’s nutritional. And there’s a huge variety. I mean, people ask me all the time, ‘Are you really still on it?’ I’m like, ‘I’m really still on it.'”

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