Dr. Dre and NFL at Odds Over Anti-Cop Lyrics During Super Bowl Halftime Show, Report Says


Dr. Dre and NFL are said to be at odds over some anti-cop lyrics the legendary rapper could possibly deliver during the Super Bowl halftime show. According to Puck, during halftime show rehearsals N.F.L. representatives suggested to Dre that they were not comfortable with the line “still not loving police,” from his hit 1999 track, “Still D.R.E.” The line is a throwback to Dre’s days with his iconic rap group N.W.A., who recorded a controversial song titled “F— Tha Police.”

A source close to the situation stated that Dre was being “disgustingly censored,” but they did not indicate this was a direct quote from the award-winning hip-hop producer. While he is likely having to negotiate with NFL officials over use of the line, the source stated that Dre is hopeful that “police” could make the list of “accepted” lyrics. However, one halftime show moment that has reportedly been fully nixed by the NFL. According to reports, Eminem intended to kneel at some point, paying homage to Colin Kaepernick’s method of silent protest over police brutality.

Whatever happens, fans are no doubt in for an epic halftime show, and that promise comes from Dre himself, who spoke about it at a recent press conference. “This should’ve happened a long time ago,” Dre said, per THR. “Hip-hop is the biggest genre of music on the planet right now, so it’s crazy that it took all of this time for us to be recognized. I think we’re going to go on and do a fantastic show and we’re going to do it so big that they can’t deny us any more in the future.”

Dre later offered his unique perspective on why he feels that he and his crew, which also includes Snoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige, were the perfect group to perform during the halftime show. “I’m not trying to be egotistical or anything like that but who else could do this show here in L.A.? Who else could perform the halftime show other than these amazing artists that we put together for this thing?” Dre asked. “And not only that, I’ve been manifesting the Rams since the beginning of the season. I’m just thinking about it every day, I’m meditating on it, I’m like OK it’ll be perfect if we’re in the Super Bowl performing at halftime and the Rams in the game as well.”