Dr. Issues ‘grim’ warning regarding raw meat breakfast. This has left thousands disillusioned.


Brian Johnson is known as the “The One” “Liver King”His carnivorous, raw-meat diet. A medical expert warned that others should not copy his unusual breakfast.

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Doctor responds ‘Liver King’s’ raw meat breakfast

A surgeon shared his thoughts about a raw meat breakfast prepared by a man he calls himself “the liver king”.

As reported previously by the Silver Screen Beat Brian Johnson from the US eats raw liver and testicles every day. “ancestral lifestyle”.

Johnson credits his raw-meat diet for making it possible. “optimum health”He frequently shares photos and clips online of him enjoying meaty, often divisive, meals.

Popular social media personality and plastic surgeon Dr Anthony Youn shared his reaction to the TikTok star’s breakfast video. He didn’t hesitate to share some of his medical details.

The video shows the Liver Kings setting himself up for the day, complete with a plate filled with beef mince, raw egg yolks and a jar containing chopped livers.

Dr. Youn regularly shares his expertise and 7.7 million TikTok users. He advised people to avoid taking inspiration from Johnson’s controversial morning routine.

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The lack of fiber in the patient’s diet was a concern, and could have serious consequences.

Dr. Youn’s response to the breakfast video is filmed. He appears visibly upset by the Liver King’s declaration. “Who needs vegetables, when you can eat testicles?”

Addressing his own followers, the disgusted surgeon asked: “How does he poop? There’s seriously no fibre in any of this food and I have friends who eat no vegetables and I swear they sit on the can for an hour.”

Dr Youn went on to remark that if he himself was to ever follow the Liver King, he would need to be manually disimpacted, a process that involves removing a person’s stools using a gloved finger.

Speaking plainly, he emphasised, “I would have to stick my hand up my butt and pull out literal boulders”, before adding that he’d rather be known as “Green Smoothie King”To avoid such bowel problems.

Dr. Youn’s post now has more than 619.800 views and over 86.800 likes. Several other users also share the surgeon’s concerns.

One person suggested, “Maybe it’s why he is angry all the time, he is quite literally full of it”One shook, and another frowned. “This cannot be good for anyone.”

A third person, however, reported that they also follow a similar diet, and have never had any problems with their toilets. “I do the carnivore diet and have no issues with going to the bathroom ever.”

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