Dr. Oz Roasted for the Latest Political Ad Shopping at Fake Grocery Store “Wegners”


Continue Dr. Mehmet OZ’s campaign to become the next Senator from Pennsylvania. Oz made a very interesting political ad while on the campaign trail. It criticizes the rising prices of a grocery store. “Wegners.”The only thing that matters is… “Wegners”Twitter users quickly discovered that he doesn’t exist. 

Oz’s April ad was actually released, but has been making the rounds on social media since users noticed that he didn’t name a grocery store in the video. Oz is seen saying that he’s just walking around. “Wegners”You will need some vegetables to make crudite. He said that the prices for the items were “outrageous”He blamed President Joe Biden. But Twitter users were more curious about his poor use. “Wegners,”It is not the name of a real grocery store. 

Oz may have misspoken in the clip.  “Wegmans” “Redners,”  which are both the names of actual supermarket chains. Twitter users criticized Oz for ad about grocery store price without naming the actual store. 

Out of Touch

Oz’s commercial seemed to be a total failure. Let the roasting commence.


The Jokes Tell It All

Another user on Twitter pulled out this Arrested DevelopmentJoke to comment on the situation. There is always money at the Wegners stand.


A Miss

It doesn’t look like Oz’s advertisement is helping him in any way. This individual wrote that it almost seems as if Oz’s ad is doing him any favors. “campaigning for”John Fetterman, his opponent, was his defeat. “at this point.”


You Gotta Laugh

The whole video was full of confusion. However, the use “Wegners”It was especially enjoyed by Twitter users.


Simply Confused

Did Oz visit a Redners or Wegmans in Oz’s hometown? Twitter users know that he wasn’t in a Wegmans or Redner’s. “Wegners.”



The faux pas was committed by Oz not long after the video had been completed. He won’t be coming back to, it seems. “Wegners”Very soon.