Dr Pimple Popper explains why plucking an ingrown hair is the worst thing to do


Dr Pimple Popper has told people to never pluck ingrown hairs after reacting to a video of a woman removing a hair from her husband’s stubble.

In the clip, the woman grabs a hair that looks like it is situated in an area of inflammation and be ingrown.

She then twists it out of the pore with tweezers, although she struggles to get a good grip on the follicle.

Dr Pimple Popper, real name Sandra Lee MD, responded to the viral video on TikTok and gave her expert dermatological advice.

She says: “A few things drive me crazy about this video…

Dr Sandra Lee explains the correct way to deal with ingrown hairs
Dr Sandra Lee explains the correct way to deal with ingrown hairs

“If that is a little bit of an ingrown hair, if you pull it out at the root it has a high chance of getting ingrown again.

“You gotta just trim it short.”

The video was watched 1.6 million times and Dr Lee’s advice about ingrown hairs caused a commotion in the comments as many people argued plucking from the root was the only way to treat them.

One person commented: “I did not know you weren’t supposed to pull them out.”

The tweezers clasped the ingrown hair
The tweezers clasped the ingrown hair

“That explains why my ingrown always come back,” said a second.

A third user wrote: “Wait wait wait… I was always told trumping ingrown makes them worse.”

“Yeah but pulling them out is satisfying,” moaned someone else.

Another viewer commented: “Even as a woman with hirsutism we shouldn’t pluck or wax if we’re prone to ingrown? Trimming leaves stubble.”

This comes after Dr Pimple Popper removed a “whole ponytail” out of a man’s scalp when a bizarre skin condition meant his hair was growing the wrong way around.

Stunned viewers said the long hair was like a hidden “mullet” growing under his skin.

The dermatologist also had fun with a giant blackhead people reckoned looked like “Brussel sprouts”.