Dr. reveals five tips she used to lose 100 lbs in her 50s


Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions to be healthier. Many of these resolutions include exercising more, eating better and losing weight. It can be hard to shed those extra pounds, especially as menopause hits. Weight loss can be difficult as we age, but one doctor revealed how she lost 100lbs in her 50s.

Even though she’s been a doctor for decades, Dr. Emi Hosoda (better known as Dr. Emi is on TikTok) knows the struggles of living a healthy lifestyle. In an interview with TODAYThe doctor said that she had reached her heaviest weight at 235 pounds when she was in her 30s after having children. 

Dr. Emi was able at that time to shed a few extra pounds, but she couldn’t keep it off for very long. Weight loss was difficult for Emi as she grew older, and then went through menopause.

The doctor explained that “Perimenopause hit around 2010 and I started working nights in a hospital, then all bets were off. So I gained pretty much all of my weight back.”

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The doctor decided to try a new exercise program and change her eating habits. Because of her dedication to living a healthy lifestyle, and her discipline, she eventually lost 100 pounds. Since her energy returned, Dr. Emi has continued to be focused on these changes.

Dr. Emi shared five things that she does every day to lose weight, despite the fact that everyone has different health and diet needs. These tips are easy enough to follow for most of us!

Stop Counting Calories

We can all agree on the one thing that is important: Stop looking at calories. Yes, that’s right. Dr. Emi suggested that instead of focusing on the calorie count we should focus on the sugar value. Surprisingly, Dr. Emi revealed that, “I don’t really care about calories at all.” 

Get the Right Supplements

Dr. Judith also recommended that we take the correct supplements to support our genes and hormones. The one thing we all know is: “drink enough water.”

Drink water based on your body weight

How do you know if you’re drinking the right amount of water? Dr. Emi says that you should drink water at the right amount. “Each of us should be drinking a half ounce to an ounce of water per pound of body weight depending on how active we are.”

People with medical conditions need to consult their doctors about how much water they should be consuming.

Magnesium’s Magic for Menopause

Dr. Emi then shared how magnesium had been a game-changer in her life and that it could be for other women over 35. Magnesium may be helpful with sleep and sugar cravings. That’s good news for anyone who is menopausal or perimenopausal!

Strength Training Is Key

Lastly, Dr. Emi revealed that aerobic exercises aren’t enough. For those over 50, strength training is important. Dr. Emi is not able to do this without discipline. Dr. Emi wakes up at 4:30 a.m. at minimum three times per week to go to the gym. She spends 30 minutes stationary biking and then spends one hour lifting weights.

If you’ve resolved to be healthier and want to follow Dr. Emi’s tips, check with your doctor to be sure these steps are right for you.

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