Drake Rodger and Meg Donnelly Hope a Supernatural’ Spinoff Will Recreate’ Impact of Iconic Series. (Exclusive).


The WinchestersThe CW debuts Tuesday’s new series, bringing with it: SupernaturalFans will be welcomed back into the worlds of monsters and otherworldly appearances that they’ve been missing from the series’ end in 2020. Meg Donnelly stars as Mary Campbell, while Drake Rodger plays John Winchester. John and Sam Winchester are played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in the prequel series. The Winchesters will examine the history of the evil-slaying clan and will hopefully offer some answers. “recreate”Fans felt the same emotions when they watched SupernaturalFor the first time. 

When asked if the show would still be available for people who don’t watch it, he replied that it would. SupernaturalRodger said that this was part the plan. The Winchesters. “We had an extensive conversation between Robbie [Thompson, co-executive producer] and Jensen when they were creating the show. They really wanted to have something that new and old fans alike would be able to appreciate. Something with references and Easter eggs from Supernatural for the old fans,”He said. “And then also bringing back old characters from the mothership and things like that, that the old fans will be able to appreciate, but also in a way where new fans will be able to understand and have to explain for them.”

He added, “Because that’s the goal I think… It’s basically to recreate the same fact that Supernatural had. It affected so many people and so many people loved it and appreciated it as we saw yesterday at Supernatural at the Comic Con. And if we could do that for a new audience, that’d be incredible.”

Donnelly elaborated on the New York Comic Con fan reaction to the show. “It was incredible and it was so overwhelming, as you can tell, because I was screaming all day yesterday, so now I lost my voice. But it was so emotional because we’ve put such hard work and passion and dedication into these roles and this show because we care about it so much. Not only us but also Jensen, Danneel, Robbie, all the Executive Producers as well.”

They were also able to experience first-hand the beauty of nature. “the reaction to [fans] watching the pilot,”Donnelly agrees. “to hear the applause and to know that these super fans that were here to watch the panel said that we did justice to the mothership means everything. That’s all we’ve been nervous about. And so to be reassured, at least with the group that was at Comic Con, it’s an indescribable feeling and we’re so grateful.”

What can fans expect from the weekly news? The WinchestersRoger confirmed that the show would be a “mesh of”Show features monster-of the-week episodes as well as a central long-form narrative. “Obviously it’s a long story because we have the end already,”He said. “We know where we’re leading, so that’s A storyline. And then we have through-line monsters. We have in the first season, as anyone who’s seen the pilot will see, there is our monster who… This is our season one monster for sure. Maybe season two, who knows? But we are definitely doing the monster the week just because that’s so much fun and I think it’s such a fun way to keep people entertained and interested in the show.”

The pair then discussed the experience of filming a series in the early 1970s. They both agreed that it was a great job and that they enjoy it. “Oh, it’s so much fun going on set every day,”Donnelly stated. “The costumes, the hair, the makeup. Also, the cool part about the show, not only monster of the week, but every episode pretty much, almost every episode so far, we’ve done undercover work so we get to wear disguises. It’s like going into different parts of that era and wearing different costumes. It’s so much fun. 

She continued, “The music is amazing. The music is amazing. It was great to be in the 1970s. It’s also cool because we don’t really have any technology. The only technology we do have is our pay phones. What technology are we missing? That’s it.”

After joking with Rodger a little about early ’70s technology, Donnelly added, “We have thick law books and we visit libraries. But, we need to trust each other. We have to trust each other because we can’t communicate via text. It’s stressed.” 

Rodger said, “I love your references to ’70s.” We went to libraries. “I don’t know about you, but they have books all over the place.” Donnelly laughed and clarified that this is how their characters have to “Research” about the monsters they’re fighting, whereas in Supernatural “They used computers.”

Speaking to her point, Rodger added, “Fans of the thing also remember it being back in 1970s. SupernaturalThis is the truth. We will eventually be able to defeat demons. It was impossible in the 1970s. These guys are bad. These guys actually have weight. A demon in a room is a serious thing.” The Winchesters premiered tonight and will air weekly on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET .

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