Drew Barrymore Celebrated Halloween with Ex Will Kopelman & His Wife


Celebrating Halloween after a divorce doesn’t have to be scary—just ask Drew Barrymore.

On Wednesday, Nov. 3, on Drew Barrymore Show, actress, host, mother of daughters Olive9, and Frankie, disclosed that her ex-husband, and their father, were not the same person. Will KopelmanHis wife Alexandra “Allie” MichlerHe was married to his girlfriend in August.

“I went trick-or-treating on Sunday with Will and his beautiful wife Allie, my daughters’ wonderful stepmother,”Barrymore. “I think, honestly, this is so ideal. It is the dream and I love seeing this, I really do. It’s very positive.”

Barrymore made her comments while responding to news about how Ben AffleckYour girlfriend Jennifer LopezHe bumped into his ex wife. Jennifer GarnerWhile trick-or-treating for Halloween,

“You’re never never not together if you have children,”Barrymore spoke on her show. “All the modern family and the exes aside, you’re just parents. That’s what makes sense to me…I say this, just trying to put one foot in front of the other with a lot of love and good intentions: High road, baby. Less traffic.”