Drew Barrymore Discusses ‘Rock Bottom’ Divorce, How She Moved On


Drew Barrymore has always been open about the ups and downs of her life, from struggling with substance abuse to being a mom to her two daughters. The actress recently shared how she moved past her “rock bottom” divorce as well as how she made room for the next chapter of her life. 

Barrymore: ‘Life Is A Book…You Can’t Write It For [Others]’

“I think everybody when they go through [their rock bottom], because everybody will, you get scared that that will be your narrative forever,” Barrymore said while appearing on an episode of The Shop

She continued, “It’s really all kind of up to you, and then hopefully, if you get it together and you overcome, you’ll be patient with this statute of limitations that other people need to come around, and you will find your way.”

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“Life is a book and you have to write it with the acceptance of how people will receive that story and you can’t write it for them and you can’t placate to the phantom ‘they,’” the actress explained.

“So, if you just stay in your own lane and try to keep your own side of the street clean, your chapters will continue to write themselves, hopefully with more grace as you go on. And then, you’ll probably think ‘Oh, I got this,’ and probably one of the worst chapters will come and the hardest.”

Barrymore Calls 2016 Divorce ‘The Worst’

When asked about her own personal rock bottom, Barrymore named her 2016 divorce from Will Kopelman. The couple wed in 2012 and share two daughters. “I thought I had seen it all and been through the worst. When I got divorced with kids, I—that was the worst,” she shared.

“That was far beyond anything else I’ve ever experienced in my life because it wasn’t about me. It was about the care and concern and high stakes of my kids,” Barrymore continued.

“It really took me down. For a few years, I really didn’t know which way was up. I was on top of it, as much as I could be, with and for my kids, but inside, I stopped doing what I loved.”

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Barrymore shared, “That chapter, I really didn’t expect to come and hit me so hard and I really didn’t know how to write the next one. It took me a few years. Sometimes it takes a lot longer than you want it to, but it can and it will shift with time and tremendous work.”

“Right now, the chapter I’m in is totally awesome! And I didn’t see that [coming] when it was bad. You don’t see the bad ones coming.” Like so many of us, Barrymore has faced many challenges in her life. Her advice on how to move through your own personal “rock bottom” is an inspiration to her many fans. 

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