Drew Barrymore Reveals Details About Romance With Justin Long


Drew Barrymore and Justin Long’s on-again, off-again romance has been “off” for some years now, but that doesn’t mean that the talk show host doesn’t still think fondly of her former beau. Barrymore talked about the relationship on The Drew Barrymore Show, including her theories on why Long continues to be a popular date for beautiful women. 

Drew Barrymore Gushes Over Justin Long

Drew Barrymore revealed her ex-boyfriend and longtime friend Justin Long’s secret to success with women, and we’ve got to say it’s an extremely attractive quality to have. Barrymore walked down memory lane during her “A Little Bit Extra” segment with comedian Mike Birbiglia about their time filming Going The Distance together. 

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Birbiglia recalled filming a scene overnight in a New York City restaurant and watching paparazzi target Barrymore and Long, who were dating at the time. He noted that it had to be “weird life existence” for Barrymore and Long. 

Barrymore agreed, saying she’d “blocked out” the memory before adding, “It’s weird! I didn’t get why we were ever an interesting couple, like that didn’t make any sense to me…We’re not exciting.” While they were on the subject, Barrymore had even more to say about Long and if he caught the segment, he probably experienced a nice boost to his ego. 

‘I Was Very Much In Love With Justin’

“We dated for many years. I was very much in love with Justin. You know why?” Barrymore asked, allowing a brief pause before she answered her own question: “Because he’s funny.”

“You want to know why he gets all the ladies?” Barrymore asked, directing this question toward the audience. Apparently it occurred to her all the different directions that question could take people, because she laughed and added somewhat archly, “Well, there’s a few reasons, but the comedy is definitely [one of them].” 

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Barrymore continued to gush, “He is one of the sharpest, wittiest [people]. He’s brilliant, and he’ll just knock your socks off with laughter.” Long is currently dating actress Kate Bosworth, which was revealed in December. The two had been dating for an undisclosed amount of time before then, but kept their relationship discreet.

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Barrymore, meanwhile, is single and clearly living her best life. We’re glad to see how close she is with her ex, but it’s really no surprise if you know anything about the Charlie’s Angels star. Barrymore is quite close with her ex-husband and co-parent Will Kopelman, so she has some experience becoming friends with her exes. We guess she’s just got good taste in people.

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