Drew Barrymore’s Ex Husband Turns Dark on Instagram To Protect Kids


Drew BarrymoreWhen she was pregnant with her first child, she decided that she wouldn’t be putting her kids in the spotlight. As a child of Hollywood legends herself, Barrymore’s chaotic childhood played out for the world to see, so it’s clear why she’s taken steps to assure her own children’s privacy. It seems that Barrymore’s ex-husband and father of her children, Will KopelmanAfter sharing a photo of them growing up, he followed her example. 

Drew Barrymore’s Lovely Daughters

Drew Barrymore has been going viral lately for the beautiful way she’s reconnecting with her inner child and enjoying the small joys of life. Her two daughters, Olive (her ex-husband) and Frankie (her co-parents), are a big part of her life. After four years of marriage, the couple wed in 2012. However, they divorced in 2016. 

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The exes have remained close over the years, but they’ve differed in a major way when it comes to one modern aspect of parenting: what to post and what to keep off of social media when it comes to kids. Barrymore has mostly kept photos of her kids off social media, though she’s occasionally posted them in the past. 

Protecting Your Privacy

The old photos showing the girls’ faces have been deleted, however, and what few photos she does share of her daughters don’t show their faces either. The only glimpse of Olive and Frankie we’ve gotten from Barrymore on Instagram in recent years only showed the back of their heads. From that, all we can tell is that little Frankie inherited her mom’s childhood head of blonde hair, while her big sister Olive sports a head of darker hair like her dad. 

Unlike their mom, Kopelman has been much more willing to share photos of the girls on his Instagram page, including photos of their faces that prove their daughters inherited their mother’s iconic smile. He even shared some photos with Olive and Frankie from his recent wedding. Vogue’sAlexandra Michler, director of fashion development 

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Take a leaf from his ex-wife

Kopelman has apparently had a change in his views on how open he keeps social media accounts. While it had previously been public, Kopelman’s Instagram account has gone private, taking his photos of his and Barrymore’s daughters behind a protective wall. It’s every parent’s duty and right to protect their children from threats, and we’ve all seen how unsafe social media can be for little ones. 

Barrymore has previously discussed her decision to keep Frankie and Olive out of the spotlight. She Submitted People, “My life with my children, my feelings, that’s all on the table—but [Olive and Frankie themselves] are not.” 

Barrymore went on. “Because of my life experiences, I’m not selling my brand on my kids. I won’t do it. But to ignore that part of my life would make me an automaton. So it’s really inventive to figure out how to bring them into the omelet and fold it in, in a way that feels appropriate for me.”

These co-parents are amazing for finding solutions to modern problems that benefit their children. Raising kids can be tough, but it helps when you’re part of a team that’s working together towards the same goal: raising human beings you can be proud of and who can be proud of themselves.

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