Drew Barrymore’s Unique Way of Eating Pizza Is Now Available on Social Media


Drew Barrymore posted a TikTok video last Wednesday with a pizza-related life hack. This has left her followers in a frenzy. She showed how she can sometimes enjoy pizza toppings without having to eat the bread underneath. She showed her technique, which she called “a pizza salad.”

Barrymore was looking at a takeout pizza box. In the video, Barrymore wears a tee and seems to be having a relaxed night in. As she was preparing a paper plate, Barrymore explained her reasoning. After grabbing a slice of pizza, she used a fork to scrape the toppings, cheese and sauce onto the salad. She also tossed the bread. Barrymore mixed up the dressing and then ate.


Wait for it…🍕🥗

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Barrymore didn’t mention weight loss, calorie counting or any other topic in the video. Instead, she suggested that it could be a helpful tip for people with gluten intolerance or those who avoid wheat for other reasons. Many commenteders believed this was a trick to alter body composition. They had some good takes.

“Drew, I’m filing a lawsuit on behalf of pizza,” wrote comedian Mike Birbiglia. Another commenter suggested that Barrymore should be expelled “straight to prison”Several felt that the actress was too young to be in this video. “onto something.”

Barrymore’s video is now making waves on social media, having escaped TikTok. Here’s how the viral response played out.


Many fans thought that Barrymore would be writing an article about her folding pizzas or how to eat them with a knife. They were stunned to discover her real method.



Barrymore’s method was surprisingly popular with some fans who thought it might be a way for them to enjoy pizza, even though it wasn’t the only option.


Reinventing the Wheel

Numerous commenters pointed out the existence of many versions of Barrymore’s creation. Her supporters, however, argued that Barrymore’s creation was more about getting the best out of a shared meal at an event or function.



Many viewers felt that Barrymore’s video couldn’t be separated from body-shaming and diet culture, even though she didn’t frame it that way.


Bigger Problems

Some viewers were also disgruntled and wondered why this video was trending along with all the other important news last week.


Barrymore Loyalists

Some die-hard fans said nothing about this pizza controversy – only that they stand with Barrymore on principal, even on an issue like this.


Restrictive Diets

Some commenters also mentioned how the trick could be used for certain forms of the paleo diet, the keto diet and other restrictions.


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