Driver fuming as local chain drivers wheelie bin to the road so that no one else can park there


A driver was desperately trying to find a parking space for his car outside of a wedding. He was furious when the only spot was taken by a wheelie container that was locked to the road.

Chad Miah was left fuming after the “selfish”Birmingham resident who had tied down the bin to prevent anyone else from parking there.

He discovered that there was very little parking outside of the groom’s Handsworth address, and only one available near the property. Birmingham Live reports.

The black bin, however, obstructed cars’ ability to pull up.

He went to move the obstacle but was surprised to find that it had been tied to ground with a cable and secured with an alarm padlock.

The wheelie bin had been padlocked to the road
The wheelie bin was locked to the road

This tactic can be seen frequently in Handsworth. Residents use cones to block off spaces from their homes – even though they are on public roads.

Despite his efforts, the bin wouldn’t move.

Birmingham Live was informed by Chad “My mate lives opposite and he was getting married on that day.

“When I tried to move the bin, I realized that the person responsible had driven the bolt and hook into the ground. The bin was securely attached to a steel chain and secured with a padlock.

“They must have gone through some effort to do it, just to save a parking space. I was yanking it, but it wasn’t moving. I’ve seen it all now.”

Chad was flabbergasted by the "lengths people go to" in order to reserve a space
Chad was stunned by the “lengths people go to”Register to reserve a spot

Chad stated that he was astonished by the generosity of the recipient. “lengths people go to”To reserve a space, please click here

He stated that: “It’s pure selfishness. Parking is a big issue in Handsworth and this particular street is a nightmare to drive down.

“It’s not possible for us all to return home without parking outside our homes.”

A spokeswoman from Birmingham City Council said: “We ask everyone to be considerate and respectful of all road users. The use of a wheelie box to reserve space on the highway could cause obstructions.”

Local residents have reacted to the incident after footage of the chained bin was shared online.

Evan Gayle said: “That would be easy.”

Agreeing, Jacqueline Jones said: “This causes an obstruction on the highway. This is a major cause of road accidents.”

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However some online backed the bin’s placement, calling it “genius” and worthy of an award.

Samina Nawaz said: “I rate this person 10/10 because they came up with it.”

Dee Rowe added: “They are crazy to drive on that road, and I can’t blame them.”

Residents have gone to extraordinary lengths over the years to reserve much-coveted parking spaces in front of their homes.

Some have placed cones, sofas as well as council bins to make sure they have somewhere to park.

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