Drone video shows scale of destruction caused by Hurricane Ian


After Hurricane Ian devastated Fort Myers, Florida, a once beautiful city is now in ruins. 

New drone footage captures the scale of the disaster. Block after block has been destroyed, and entire neighborhoods have been submerged. The beachfront has been completely destroyed by boats piled on top each other.

The causeway connecting Sanibel Island and the mainland has been completely destroyed. It’s estimated it will take months, perhaps even years, to rebuild them. The only way to get off the island is via boat or helicopter.

The U.S. Coast Guard lifted citizens to safety, including survivors from a flood-damaged trailer park. 

Family members are using social media to find the missing, as cellphone towers have been cut off. People are calling out for help to locate their grandparents and parents.

Chris and Molly Henard lost contact with their parents, who remain on Sanibel Island.

They last spoke in a conversation that was “utter chaos”Chris spoke to Inside Edition for his parents. “They were saying that they need to get off the phone, they need to go get to the highest point in the building. They were going to climb on top of conference tables and chairs,”He said.

After our interview with the couple, Chris’s parents were fortunately located. They will be transferred to the mainland soon, we hope.

All the standing water that could pose health hazards is a new danger.

“If you’re out in the water, after Ian, and you’ve gotten wet, my advice is take a shower. Get those contaminants washed off of you,”University of Florida Dr. John Sansalone

Ian struck again Friday. He pounded the coast in South Carolina as the hurricane surge inundated Charleston.

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