Drought Reveals WWII Bomb in Italy’s River Po As Body of Water Experiences Worst Dry Period in 70 Years


The River Po, Italy’s longest river, which spans more than 400 miles across the country’s north from west to east, is experiencing the worst drought in 70 years. Because of the reduced water levels, the river has seen large sandbanks along its normally lush banks. This has led to a river that looks very sandy. 

It also revealed a bomb from World War II. 

Italy declared a state emergency due to the lack of snow during winter and the hot, early summer. 

Officials say a third of the country’s agriculture producers surround the river.

The river flows through lush, green landscapes of farms and rice pads when it is at normal levels. 

According to reports, farmers are worried about their harvests for years because many of their paddies are too salty or have dried up due to the use of aquifers. 

All they can do is hope that rain – and a lot of it – falls soon.