Drug dealer’s fiancée avoids jail after falling pregnant with his baby


Chloe Wishart, 25 and Peter Kelly, 30 from Southport made thousands of pounds through a drug trafficking scheme that involved selling crack cocaine to Aberdeen.

A drug dealer’s fiancée, who helped him sell crack cocaine and make thousands of pounds in a county lines trafficking racket, avoided jail after revealing she was pregnant before her sentencing.

Chloe Wishart (25), lived in Southport, with Peter Kelly (30), a drug dealer. They made numerous 700-mile round trips from their Merseyside home, to Aberdeen. Liverpool Echo.

Before she traveled with Kelly, Wishart had crack cocaine in her pockets. Kelly would then sell the items to street addicts.

In July 2020, both were taken into police custody after they boarded a train at Wigan.

Wishart had a wad of £1,990 in bank notes wrapped in cling-film while Kelly was in possession of £5,000 made from street dealing.

Inquiries revealed Wishart’s previous convictions for obstructing and possessing a weapon after she tried to stop Kelly being stopped from a stop-and-search.

He was previously in prison for more three years when he was caught selling heroin, cocaine, or cannabis in South Wales.

After she confessed to being concerned in money laundering and the supply of cocaine, Wishart was sentenced at Bolton Crown Court to up seven years imprisonment.

After revealing that she was 13 weeks pregnant with Kelly’s baby, she was released with two years of imprisonment suspended for two more years.

Kelly was seen via video link from Forest Bank prison in Salford. He was sentenced to 44 months imprisonment for similar offenses and was seen cheering and waving his hands as the sentencing occurred.

Wishart, who was seen smiling widely outside court with her supporters, emerged from the courthouse.

Kelly was taken into custody after Kelly first appeared in court on December 12.

Wishart was informed by Tom Gilbart (sentence judge): “This was persistent drugs dealing on many occasions involving trips into another country. The court is required to take this seriously. However, your circumstances have changed.

“I accept that you were influenced in your relationship with Peter Kelly. You are deemed naive and lacking self-esteem, which seems to be the root of your criminal behavior. You may also be in the first trimester, which means you could end up in prison if you give birth to your baby.

“You got involved due to your incompetence and immaturity. Your partner was more knowledgeable in criminality that you. Most importantly, mitigation requires that you are an expectant mom and that immediate custody would have a significant adverse impact on both you and your baby.

Prosecuting Miss Betsy Hindle earlier stated that the couple was detained after a police operation carried out by Merseyside Police to target drug dealers working at train stations.

“‘The officers detected cannabis in her handbag and pulled them aside to search the suspects. She found three bundles of cash wrapped with cling-film in her bag, along with a Nokia and iPhone as well as a train ticket from Aberdeen to Preston.

“Kelly was found with seven bundles of cash wrapped in clingfilm and kept in a JD sports bag. When searched Kelly said; ”There’s loads, I’m f***d.’ Officers also found a black mobile phone, till receipts from shops in Aberdeen.

“Waiting to be taken to a station, he said that this was not hers. This is all mine. An analysis of the phones revealed that one Wishart device contained 24,000 pages worth of messages.

Police were focused on Wishart’s messages to Kelly’s cell phone, which Wishart had written as “My Lips Yunno”.” in her contact book.

Miss Hindle added: ”They were discussing various drug deals and police found they had previously travelled to Aberdeen on June 5 stayed for two hours and returned that evening.

”They discussed trafficking drugs using drugs slang and there were a raft of messages between them about arriving in Aberdeen. One message referred to how many rocks she could ‘slug’ and Kelly said he needed nine. In one exchange he tells her she would be picked up and to make sure she had pants on.

”She was a willing participant and there was no pressure upon her in terms of involvement. She concealed drugs about her person on multiple occasions at the requests of Kelly but there is no suggestion of any reluctance on her part. There was no evidence of threats or any pressure and he recruited her to travelled to Scotland on numerous occasions.”

Tom Watson, the defence counsel, stated in mitigation for Wishart: “She doesn’t seek out to minimize her actions nor place blame elsewhere. As far as she was concerned, there was a very serious element in her loyalty that was misplaced and misguided.

”She is extremely naïve and extremely immature and there are things that can be done to help her. This had forced her to mature, and she now knows that she won’t be able to walk out the door she entered.

“She is a very anxious young woman, but she has come to court ready to face whatever her future holds. She clearly acted under significant control and direction. Immaturity clouded her understanding of the situation. Her baby is due August. She is a strong and courageous woman who has reassured the court that she is capable.”

Wishart was also to complete 40 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days and will be electronically tagged for four months under the terms of a 7pm-7am curfew.