Dubai Chauffeurs & Pampered Pooches: Woman-Owned Business


A woman-owned company now allows dogs to be chauffeured around Dubai as if they were royalty.

Shweta Bhatia saw a need to provide reliable pet transportation and started her own company called “Smile for Tails,”This has attracted attention from all over the globe.

“It gives me an immense pleasure, helping and assisting a lot of pet parents, a lot of pet clients and their fur kids,”She said.

Bhatia’s service is important for pet parents in the United Arab Emirates who have difficulty getting around.

“In UAE, dogs are not allowed in the normal taxis, so it’s never been easy,”One customer shared his opinion.

The pink SUV is able to take humans and pets around Dubai’s desert, sometimes without them.

“What I believe is that pets are a very important part of family, they are just like your own human kid, and you need to have them involved in your daily routine, you cannot ignore them, because pets are not just a toy, they are a very important part of family,” Bhatia said.

Bhatia is keen to increase her fleet, as every animal deserves VIP treatment.

“So any fur baby, who is coming on board, who takes this services for me, I make sure they are greeted well, they are treated well,”She said.

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