Dubious insider claims Maria Shriver allegedly has a new face after ‘Total Makeover’From Plastic Surgeon


Did Maria ShriverHave you considered undergoing plastic surgery? According to one tabloid, the ex-first lady of California was subject to a series of cosmetic procedures. Let’s check in on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ex-wife.

Maria Shriver ‘Faces Up To A New Look’?

This week, National Enquirer Maria Shriver, according to reports, has a new look. Sources claim that Maria Shriver, the niece President John F. Kennedy’s, sought out help from a surgeon to give her a complete makeover. “People are whispering she’d had some cosmetic work done—including a facelift to give more exacting contour to her famously square jaw and lip injections for a more youthful pout,”An insider’s view. “Whatever she did, it’s noticeable enough to turn heads whenever she steps out.”

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The former journalist’s marriage to TerminatorAfter discovering that he had a child with his housekeeper, Arnold Schwarzenegger took a step back and became a bottom-up star. And the article asserts that the recent finalization of their divorce inspired Shriver’s transformation. “She could’ve had a lower facelift with a neck lift. Before there was loose skin, now everything is tightened up. Her chin looks a little bit more defined, too,” a plastic surgeon who hasn’t treated Shriver speculates.

Has Maria Shriver Had Work Done?

Here’s the deal: It looks like Shriver may very well have paid a visit to a cosmetic surgeon. Her appearance is amazing. She looked natural and took years off her appearance. But we should remind readers that whatever work Shriver did or didn’t decide to undergo, it really isn’t any of our business.

This veteran journalist and activist is much more than her looks. Her public image is built primarily around her work to raise mental health and Alzheimer’s awareness. After her father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Shriver made it her mission to increase visibility of the disease. Shriver produced a series of documentaries about the disease, organized numerous events, and co-founded a meal service company with her son, which places a special emphasis upon brain health.

So, it’s clear from this alleged insider’s obsession with Shriver’s looks that they aren’t close to her at all.

More Surgery Speculation from The Tabloid

We’ve certainly seen this narrative from the National Enquirer before. According to the outlet, Tom Cruise was unable to be recognized after undergoing a series cosmetic procedures. Leah Remini was then reported by the magazine to have received a “ton of cosmetic enhancements.” And finally, the publication alleged Denzel Washington’s face was “collapsing”After some badly performed cosmetic surgery. The result was obvious. Inquire shouldn’t be the end-all-be-all when it comes to celebrity cosmetic work.

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