Dubious Insider Claims Taylor Swift Is Supposedly Fighting Joe Alwyn For Living In London


What’s keeping Taylor Swift Joe AlwynFrom walking down the aisle to? One report says the city of London stands in the way of a wedding because Swift isn’t sure where to set up a home base. Let’s dive into this rumor and see if there’s anything to it.

‘Joe And Taylor’s Home Base Battle’

According to Star, Swift has lived with Alwyn for the last two years, and her family isn’t happy about it. A source claims that Swift is now living with Alwyn. “Taylor’s grown very close to” Alwyn’s family amid their weekly lunches together, but Swift’s friends and family back in Nashville are apparently starting to feel left out.

The pair are stateside sometimes because Andrea Swift, Taylor’s mom, is recovering from a brain tumor. According to the source: “She’d be happy spending more time in Tennessee, but he’s adamant about staying put.”

Is Taylor Swift Upset?

This story is bogus from the outset because Swift isn’t based strictly in London. She is a property owner in New York City, Rhode Island and Tennessee, Beverly Hills. This shouldn’t be surprising: Swift is loaded and can afford homes all over the world. It’s funny that this outlet says Swift has been based in London for two years without a single mention of COVID-19 maybe having something to do with it.

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What we have here is a tabloid desperate to find drama where there isn’t any. There couldn’t be: Swift and Alwyn are both very private when it comes to their relationship. Star is grasping at straws here, evoking how friends may feel and even the health of Swift’s mother. In a story as trashy as this, Andrea should not be mentioned.

Alwyn summarized the rumors about his marital status very well. Alwyn told the Wall Street Journal: “I mean, the truth is, if the answer was yes, I wouldn’t say, and if the answer was no, I wouldn’t say.” Its like getting blood from a stone, so there’s no way to trust these so-called insiders.

Many Bad Swift Rumors

For many years, StarSwift was incorrectly reported. In 2018, Swift announced that she was planning her marriage and that Gigi Hadid would be her maid-of-honor. It was clear that the couple were not engaged. The story promoted a 2019 wedding under the pretense of a race with Katy Perry at the altar. Perry has had to postpone her wedding due to the pandemic. Swift is not married.

Late 2019, a tabloid reported that Swift and Alwyn had reunited after a breakup. This was never true. Swift was not secretly married in 2020. Despite what it may seem, StarSwift has yet to be told an accurate story. What can it be trusted now? Swift and Alwyn seem fine, but that’s all anyone can say for sure. It’s easy to debunk drama caused by fights over where to live.

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