Dubious Insider: Matt Damon Supposedly Banned From Being the Best Man at Ben Affleck’s Wedding


It is Ben AffleckPhasesing Matt DamonWhat about his friends? One tabloid claims Damon was specifically excluded from Affleck’s wedding party. Let’s check in on the Good Will Hunting co-stars.

Matt Damon ‘Banned’ From Affleck’s Wedding?

This week A New Idea reports Ben Affleck has sidelined his childhood pal, Matt Damon, in his and Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming nuptials. “Matt will be invited to the wedding, but just as a guest,”An insider shares his secrets. Affleck instead gave his prized best-man slot away to Casey Affleck. But sources say the choice isn’t reflective of Ben and Damon’s friendship. Damon is apparently too well-known for Ben to sit beside him as he says “I do.”

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“Matt has known Ben since they were teenagers. That’s the only reason he’s being invited,”The tipster explains. “But the guest list is not designed to be a who’s who of Hollywood.” Since this isn’t Lopez or Ben’s first rodeo, they were apparently hoping for a more low-key and intimate ceremony. So, they’re supposedly trying to avoid as much Hollywood pomp as possible. “They might be one of the most famous couples in the world with superstar friends, but at the end of the day, it’s family that matters most to Jen and Ben,”Source concludes.

Ben Affleck Chooses Casey To Be His Best Man?

This report is just ridiculous considering we haven’t gotten any credible updates on Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding since they announced their engagement months ago. In fact, we don’t know if Affleck and Lopez have even started the planning process at all yet. The couple’s most recent updates indicate that they are busy with work, their family, and their house-hunting efforts.

As for Affleck’s friendship with Matt Damon, it looks like the pair are closer than ever. They recently teamed-up for the film. The Last Duel, and they’ve been filming a Amazon Studios releases a new, untitled Nike movie. According to a report by DeadlineThe actors are even They are in discussions to co-found a production company.

But even so, we don’t see why anyone would automatically assume the best man role would go to Damon. Looking at both Damon and Affleck’s previous weddings, neither of them even had a best man. In fact, they didn’t even attend each other’s weddings. In 2005, Affleck married Jennifer Garner during a private ceremony on the beach front with only two guests—and that’s counting the officiant. Damon was born later in the year. Luciana Barroso was married in a City Hall ceremony.

So, if Affleck and Lopez were really trying to keep things small, we doubt anyone’s feelings would be hurt—especially not Damon’s. We should emphasize that this report is totally unfounded. Until we receive any credible updates on the couple’s wedding plans, speculative stories like these should be taken with a grain of salt.

The Tabloid on Ben Affleck

We’ve learned not to trust A New Idea Ben Affleck is everywhere. A year ago, the magazine reported that Affleck proposed with Jennifer Lopez during their Montana trip. The magazine then reported that Affleck had been fighting with Jennifer Garner over a large purchase. A few months later, the magazine reported Lopez was furious at Affleck following a spotting on a television set. “tense” outing. Obviously, A New Idea isn’t really close to Affleck at all.

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