Dubious Insider Says Angelina Jolie Supposedly Begging Friends To Find Her A Date After Striking Out


It is Angelina JolieJolie is recruiting her friends to help her find a man. According to one tabloid, Jolie is asking her co-stars for advice on dating. Here’s the latest gossip about Angelina Jolie’s love life.

Angelina Jolie Begging Co-Star ‘Find Me A Man’?

This week Star According to reports, Angelina Jolie has enlisted Salma Hayek in order to get back on the dating scene. They met while filming The EternalsNow they are working together to make a movie. As the outlet recalls, Jolie hasn’t had a whiff of romance since separating from Brad Pitt six years ago, but sources say Hayek has inspired Jolie to get back out there.

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“Angie envies how Salma found herself a worldly soulmate and would love that type of guy for herself,”An insider shares his secrets. Jolie was linked to Johnny Lee Miller and The Weeknd in dating rumors over the past year. However, the tipter says neither were a good match. Hayek, however, seems up to the job of matchmaker. “She’s already looking to line Angie up with some dates,”The source muses.

Salma Hayek Setting Angelina Jolie Up On Dates?

There isn’t a shred of evidence to support this outlet’s dubious story. First of all, we’re confident that Angelina Jolie wouldn’t need any help finding a date if that’s what she desired. As a mother, filmmaker and activist, she has a lot on her plate. In combination with making a new movie, she’s focused in on her efforts to aid war refugees.

And since the matter of custody still isn’t settled between her and Pitt, we doubt finding a man is at the top of her to-do list.

Furthermore, Jolie didn’t connect with Hayek for dating advice. She recently cast Hayek in a film that she’s writing, directing, and producing. We doubt Jolie hired Hayek to get dating advice. While it’s clear that they became fast friends after meeting, Jolie and Hayek probably have bigger, more pressing matters to talk about. And given the outlet’s past reporting on Jolie, we have no problem dismissing this story entirely.

The Tabloid on Angelina Jolie

This year, it was earlier. Star According to The Weeknd, Angelina Jolie was dumped by The Weeknd for a younger woman. After Jolie had been dumped twice within the last year, the magazine said that Jolie was now struggling to find a partner. The magazine also claimed that Jolie and Shiloh had gotten into an argument which ended with the teenager vowing to attend college in the United States. Obviously, Star isn’t an authority anywhere Jolie’s personal life is concerned.

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