Dubious Rumor Claims Barack Obama Supposedly Battling Michelle Over Malia And Sasha’s Spending


Are You Barack Michelle ObamaAre parents arguing about how to handle their latest parenting problem? A new report shows that the majority of parents argue over how to handle their parenting challenges. Sasha And MaliaTheir excessive spending is causing problems for their parents. Here’s what we know about the Obamas’ alleged parenting tiff.

Obamas ‘Bickering Over Spend-Crazy Kids’?

This week, National Enquirer reports Barack and Michelle aren’t happy about their daughters’ spending habits. According to the article, Sasha and Malia’s recent relocation to Los Angeles has been costing their parents big time. “Malia and Sasha weren’t born with silver spoons in their mouths, it just evolved as their parents got more powerful,”An insider’s view.

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“Now the girls are in LA and hanging with a real spendy crowd. They eat at the most expensive restaurants, shop for designer clothes, and drop thousands on spas and beauty salons. Their generous allowances evaporate almost as soon as they get it, and they charge tons to credit cards!”

Michelle seems to be annoyed, but Barack is reluctant to do anything. The ex-first lady is beginning to realize that she is like her father. “He’ll drop cash on new suits, custom shirts, cuff links, and shoes. He can’t walk into a clothing store without buying something in every color,”The tipster is confident. Nevertheless, Michelle is pushing forward with her daughters’ spending at the “top of the grievance list.”

Michelle ‘Livid’ Over Daughters’ Spending?

We are unable to give this report any weight. First, who would know how much money the Obama sisters spend? We don’t have any way to confirm that information. And then if we somehow did have access to those extremely private records, we still wouldn’t know where the money was coming from. Malia, on the other hand, knows. have a solid position in Donald Glover’s writers’ room, so who’s to say her parents are the ones funding her?

And even if Sasha and Malia’s parents were bankrolling them, it’s ridiculous to presume when exactly the cash stops flowing and the credit cards come out. But lastly—ignoring the astronomical odds this magazine would have to beat to convince us of these points—how would this tipster then know what both Michelle and Barack think about their daughters’ spending? None of these leads seem genuine enough to us to follow. The whole story smells of tabloid fantasy.

The Magazine on the Obamas

You can be sure that any time you want, it will be possible. National Enquirer brings the former first family into their tales, we know we’re in for a wild ride. The outlet reported that Michelle resent Barack for forcing her to quit her job to start a family. The magazine said that Barack was exaggerating Joe Biden’s achievements and disregarding his pleas for help. The magazine claimed Michelle forced Barack into therapy. Finally, the publication claimed that Michelle had been divorcing Barack for $175 million. The result? National Enquirer is the last outlet we’d expect to have access to the family’s budget.

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