Dubious Rumor: Eva Mendes Banned Ryan Gosling from Spending Time with Margot Robbie Set


Is it? Eva Mendes a controlling partner? According to one report, she may have rules about how to do this. Ryan Gosling is to behave whenever he’s around Margot Robbie. The sex symbols feature prominently in Barbie together. Mendes apparently has fidelity fears. Here’s what we know.

‘Jealous Eva’s Rules For Ryan’

According to StarRobbie and Gosling appear a little too friendly at the set of Barbie for Mendes’ liking. The cast and crew are bonding like nobody’s business. A source says, “trouble is, Ryan’s just not in a position where he feels comfortable socializing” when his wife’s not around.

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When Gosling took the first picture “Ken”Menes said that it was. “That’s My Ken.”Sources say this is not a joke. “once filming’s done for the day, Ryan is under strict orders to come straight home… no excuses.” Mendes knows Gosling is flirting with Robbie only for the camera, but she’d still like him home in time for dinner.

What’s Going On With Eva Mendes?

If you look at Eva Mendes’ Instagram page, you won’t find a single photo of her and Ryan Gosling together. You won’t see any photos with her kids either. Gosling does not have social media. She last tweeted in 2017 amid much press attention. Blade Runner 2049. Mendes has only one Gosling photo on her profile. It is a promotional picture. The Gray Man.

Even commenting “that’s my Ken”Mendes is pulling back the curtain. Mendes and Gosling are private partners, but they keep everything inside the house. They keep their private lives private and make sure that their relationship is a happy one.

With this in mind, let’s see how we can. StarPretend to be Mendes’ friend. Even if this misogynistic story were accurate, it’s not as if Gosling or Mendes would let this news slip. Instead, we’re left with the same old trite about a jealous wife trying to control her husband around a beautiful woman. It’s not hard to see what’s going on here.

The tabloid doesn’t even mention that Robbie herself is happily married for that would break the illusion. Robbie and Gosling both work as professionals. Mendes has decades of experience acting so she’d understand that. Mendes finds this story insulting and is just plain dumb.

There’s Ryan Gosling History

Before Robbie was born, tabloids reported that Emma Stone was the homewrecker behind splitting Goslings and Mendes. In 2019, StarMendes and Gosling promised they would divorce because Gosling was too close to Claire Foy.

Whether it’s Stone, Foy, or Robbie, one thing is for certain: Gosling and Mendes are still a committed couple. Mendes could have been jealous of all his co-stars and they would not be able to survive together. Celebrity gossip is full of stories about henpecked husbands, so it’s best to ignore this tall tale.