Dubious Snitch Says Julianne Hough’s Friends Supposedly Begging Her To Lay Off Lip Injections


It is Julianne HoughIs she frightening her friends? According to one report the former Dancing with the StarsJudge is using lip fillers excessively and her closest friends are concerned about her. Let’s examine this rumor and see if there’s anything to it.

‘Julianne Scales Up Her Trout Pout!’

According to the National EnquirerHough is an addict to plastic surgery. Her friends are beginning to be concerned. A source claims that Hough was not recognisable when she was spotted in New York City just before her Broadway debut. “It’s so obvious she’s gotten her lips plumped up, which is crazy because she’s a natural beauty.”

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Evidently, her lips were not as full when the play began in April. “Truth is, her self-esteem has taken a knock with her romantic disappointments,”An insider claims. Hough is said to have been sad after the end of her relationship with Charlie Wilson. Hough might have received lip fillers along with a philtrum injectable, suggests a surgeon.

How’s Julianne Hough Doing?

Over the last year, Hough has been dogged by rumors that she’s getting plastic surgery. The Hough family was devastated by the news that she would be having plastic surgery in August. GlobeHough claimed Hough was going too far and making her friends nervous. Now doesn’t that sound familiar? Both of these were reported to have been in existence as recently as March 2013. OK!And StarHough was promoted as a recovering surgery addict. We actually looked at videos from 2021 and 2020 and found that Hough’s face barely changed.

If she has had work done, it’s been subtle. These stories go way too far with this narrative. Furthermore, it’s nobody’s business if and why Hough has had work done. The InquireHer reasoning can be summed up in two ways: To keep up with the production POTUS: Seven women try to keep him alive behind every great dumbassTo make a difference because her relationship with Wilson is over.

Both motivations are ineffective. Other tabloids were publishing the exact same narrative before the play entered production, and it’s unclear if she and Wilson even broke up. Hough’s latest news was when Brooks Laich divorced her. Hough made a move to get over her divorce. She started dating again, went on Broadway, found a new boy, and moved on. 

These healthy strategies can be used to discredit the plastic surgery story. Hough was never treated by this doctor, so the testimony of them is purely speculation. This story is a thinly veiled attack on Hough’s appearance, which is both bogus and classless.

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