Duy Tran, ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,’ Wants More Kids


Season 2 The Real Housewives of Salt Lake CityIt aired from Sep. 12-2021. It introduced viewers to Jennie Nayen, a forty year old businesswoman and mom of three children, and her husband Duy Tran. Duy and Jennie will cause quite a stir as Duy is currently requesting a sister-wife.

“If murder wasn’t a felony, he would have been dead on the snow,”Jennie responded to Duy’s proposal on “RHOSLC.”

Duy was eager to expand his family’s horizons and discussed the possibility of having more children during a ski trip. This episode of Season 2 Episode 6 of RHOSLC. Jennie and he sat comfortably on a bench talking about the future. They also talked about what was missing from the vision board.

Duy started the conversation asking Jennie if they would like to have another baby. Duy suggested that they contact a surrogate mom or consider adoption. Jennie countered by explaining that she does not want to care for another infant.

“You think we are able to raise another infant running around in diapers? You think I wanna do that?”She asked. “Our life is wonderful right now. Why would you want to change it?”

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Duy began asking about sister wives immediately.

“To have a sister wife in our family is not uncommon in our culture,”He continued to confess in a confessional. “You know, my grandfather had four wives. They all got along. He was able to have a big family. The stories I heard were amazing.”

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“I know that in our culture, this happened in Vietnam. My dad had multiple girlfriends. But is this something I want in my marriage? Hell no,”She said. “I’m so speechless. If murder wasn’t a felony, he would’ve been dead on the snow.”

The storyline of the mismatch between expectations and reality will continue in Season 2. RHOSLC. The future episodes will reveal whether Jennie or Duy are able to solve the dilemma.

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