Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ Johnson was the Mystery Bidder that Bought a $31M T. Rex Skeleton titled Stan?


Dwayne was it? “The Rock”Johnson pays $31 million to acquire a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.

The mystery started when Eli Manning, an actor who was also a former pro-wrestler noticed something unusual in the background. 

“You’ve got a T. rex behind you? What is that? A dinosaur?”The question was posed by the ex-NFL quarterback.

“I got a T. rex skull, yeah. That’s Stan. As a matter of fact, Stan is the most complete T. rex skull ever found by a young paleontologist, and his name was Stan, so this T. rex head was named after him,”Johnson said.

Instantly, dinosaur mavens began to wonder if The Rock’s beast is actually a 67-million-year-old T. rex that was sold at auction in 2020. Stan was the name of the South Dakota paleontologist who found him.

Christie’s auction house has never revealed the identity of the anonymous bidder who paid for Stan in 2020. Although it could be The Rock, there are replicas of T. rex skulls that are quite common. 

There’s one at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey. You can also buy one online for $11,500.

The Rock’s rep declined to comment.