Dylan Sprouse’s Personal Trainer Breaks Down His Exercise Routine


Set goals

Patrick says Dylan entered his fitness journey with clear goals. “He was never someone overweight but he had that doughy, soft look,”The trainer explained. “He wanted to tighten his body, define his body and drop his body fat percentage to become leaner.”

Dylan had also set his sights on a woman. “high-action”Patrick stated that acting gigs are a great way to make a living, and Patrick was interested in becoming an actor. “stronger and more stable”You can also find them here.

“My job is to make the talent very safe and strong and stable, so they can perform really well in high-action scenes,”Patrick continued, who is also a trained instructor Keanu Reeves Olivia Wilde in the past for movies. “I take all the high-beneficial corrective exercises and implement my program, so the confidence that Dylan has in me is everything. What I have him do is only going to stabilize his joints.”

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Patrick claimed that he does not, “do burpees”When it came to training his clients, Dylan’s exercises were not joke. “We’re talking a minimum of 600 reps,”He said. “Minimal rest. Burn, burn, burn. Positive adaptations. It’s messaging to the human body for good posture alignment, all the while creating this amazing body that’s super fit and lean.”

Patrick reports that Dylan spent one month doing circuit training to increase his cardiovascular endurance. “It’s a lot of combinations of circuits dealing with upper and lower body exercises,” he explained, adding that Dylan was given “a lot of balance exercises and coordination exercises just to bring more confidence to him as well.”

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