Earth Day Fact vs Fiction: Bill Nye Disproves Eco-Friendly Myths


Fact or fiction: Computer disks, pen wraps and plastic wrapping are all examples of biodegradable trash.

“They can be made of these modern biodegradable plastics,” Nye said. “I have a corn plastic coffee mug. And there’s a whole thing now of corn plastic food film, they call it. But it’s not everywhere. ‘Can’ and ‘is’ are two different things. ‘Couldn’t be’ and ‘are’ are two different things. Wouldn’t it be great if all this plastic that we’re using for food storage were biodegradable?”   

Fact or fiction? It is possible to reduce, reuse and recycle non-biodegradable trash.

“Yes! Reduce, reuse, recycle,” Nye proclaimed. “If you reduce the amount you’re throwing away or going through or making use of, then of course you’ll produce less waste. Reusing is great. In the case of materials that can be recycled, that is to say repurposed or taken from one use and used again in a different use? That’s fabulous. That’s recycling.”