EastEnders Diane Parish announces that Phil and her showdown are ‘coming to a head’ shortly


Diane Parish reveals that the EastEnders’ current showdown between Phil, Denise and Denise is about to ‘come a head.

Diane, who is the iconic Denise since 15 years, is one of most recognisable characters.

Her dramatic stories are her trademark and she is currently facing one of the most challenging plots in her career.

Steve McFadden plays Phil Mitchell. He threatens to kill their son Raymond (Michael Jose Pomares Clixte), over his fears for his safety.

But Denise will let it happen. The eager fans will have the opportunity to see it in action, but Diane gave viewers a sneak peak by saying it would ‘come to head’.

Diane Parise, who plays Denise Fox, has said the fight is to 'come to a head' soon
Denise Fox’s character, Diane Parise, said that the fight was to ‘come up to a head soon’

She spoke to The Silver Screen Beat about the Pride of Britain’s Red Carpet. “As you know all sorts going on with my sister Kim.

“Then Me, Phil and the fight for Raymond. All of this is about to come to an end.”

The 50-year-old added: “And there’s love with jack – it’s her first for me, a solid relationship – she’s gotta have one! Hopefully, that works out for her…

Phil warned Denise that he'll take Raymond away for his safety
Denise was warned that Phil would take Raymond for his safety.

“I hope for her family to grow and be solid and to have a lot of fun and leave the drama with Kym.

“We are family Christmas episodes now – I can’t tell you anything though – I can’t give any away!”

The dramatic scenes between Phil and Denise stem from Phil having a tough time lately.

Kim Fox, played by Tameka Empson, is still digging around into the death of her husband Vincent – played by Richard Blackwood.

But the epic showdown is to meet it's end soon
But it is going to end soon!

After running with his gang, Phil disclosed that he was killed by Aidan Maguire’s hitmen (Patrick Bergin).

Phil fears Raymond’s death, however.

What do you predict will happen during the showdown? Leave your comments below!

When he tries talking to Denise to discuss Kim, he divulges his plans to take Raymond away to Albert Square. “Now I’m not having Raymond put. in danger”.

“Either stop her, or I’m taking him out of here,”Denise was in shock when he exclaimed: “Taking him where?”

“Spain, anywhere, anywhere away from here,”Phil replied.

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