EastEnders fans are in chaos as Sean Slater returns amid a Stacey marriage twist


After Sean Slater’s return to Albert Square, EastEnders fans went into meltdown on social networking.

As he turned around to meet Stacey’s wife Eve and introduce himself to her as her new brother in law, his appearance shocked fans.

“Oh BBC EastEnders, I wasn’t expecting that,”A fan shared his opinion, and another one said “Imagine not watching EastEnders anymore and missing out on this. Welcome back!”

A third person is posted: “Love that they kept Sean’s return under the radar!”

A fourth one gushed: “Yeah Sean is back”

“Well his return was a nice surprise! Should keep things quiet more often Eastenders,” a fifth person penned.

Sean’s appearance attracted other fans who took to social media to share their thoughts. “Oh my word, Sean Slater looking hot”

Fans were delighted that Sean Slater returned
Fans were thrilled that Sean Slater was back

“The finest speciman of a man to ever walk the streets of Walford has returned. Welcome back Robert Kazinsky, never leave again.”

Fans hope the character will remain on Albert Square for awhile, with one saying. “Oh please tell me Sean is sticking around.”

Sean, who is Stacey Slater’s brother, returned to the square to visit Jean and Stacey and also to persuade Stacey’s wife Eve to leave her alone after receiving a call from his mum.

Robert Kazinsky, who played the character between 2006 and 2009, also returned to the role. He made a brief appearance as the character again in 2019.

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