EastEnders fans left baffled by the glaring continuity error in knives


EastEnders fans were left confused when Kat Slater located the knife Tommy Salter used for Sid’s stab wound.

Albert Square’s Kat Slater has been played by Jessie Wallace since more than twenty-two decades. She is now at her wits end because of Tommy’s reckless conduct in recent soap scene scenes.

Kat does not know her son is being bullied at school. She calmly confronts him, and he admits to it.

Tommy pulled the bladed object out from his school bag earlier in the episode but quickly put it back into the rucksack before his mum arrived in the living room.

The knife’s appearance so clean baffled fans

Fans were puzzled by the absence of any blood traces after Tommy accidentally stabbed Sid with a kitchen knives last week.

One wrote: “Where’s the blood on the knife? #Eastenders.”

Another version: “No blood on the knife? Seems unlikely as that bully was bleeding.”

An additional third: “The Deadly butter knife had no blood on it…”

Kat Slater
Kat, distraught, handed her son to the police

Tommy was urged by other fans to throw the knife away immediately, rather than keep it in the home.

One wrote: “Tommy, you better hide that knife #EastEnders.”

Another version: “Tommy needs a better hiding place for that knife #EastEnders.”

In recent nail-biting scenes Lily had lied and given Tommy an alibi to the police. However, mum Stacey believed that her daughter wasn’t telling the truth, and she informed Kat.

Kat was afraid of the worst and handed Jack her son.

Social media was used by fans to voice their opinion on the scenes.

Tommy seemed terrified, but his mom assured him that she was there for him every step of the journey.

BBC viewers were stunned to see Kat hand her son over the police.

One wrote: “OMG can’t believe Kat actually called the Police on her own Son seriously? Poor Tommy. What about that other kid that was recording the whole thing? Probably won’t come for as it shows Tommy was just defending himself.”

Another version: “That must have been so hard for Kat to do.”

EastEnders airs Monday through Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One

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