EastEnders fans want Pam Coker back permanently.


After Pam Coker’s brief return to EastEnders, fans are calling for her permanent return.

Lin Blakley reprised her role in the beloved charatcer on Thursday night’s BBC One soap. This was to support Ben Mitchell, her ex-son-in law, following the horrific homophobic attack.

Callum Highway, concerned for Ben’s fragile condition, reached out and touched Pam. Fans across the country were thrilled when she returned to Albert Square.

Pam arrived at the flat and engaged Ben in an emotional conversation. This led to a public demand for Ben to be back on the soap.

One wrote: “We need more Pam”

Lin Blakley reprised her role as the loveable florist to support her former son-in-law Ben
Lin Blakley played the role of the beloved florist to support Ben, her son-in-law.

A second: “Just stop mucking about @bbceastenders and bring Pam and Les back permanently”

An additional: “I love Pam, she needs to come back permanently.”

While a fourth comment: “wish they would bring back #Pam permanently I love her!!”

Many people were impressed by Pam’s ability to comfort Ben, and get him to share his feelings.

“This world never ceases to let you down, does it?”She said.

EastEnders fan are demanding a “permanent” return from fan favourite Pam Coker
EastEnders fan are demanding a “permanent”Return from Pam Coker, fan favorite

“When I heard your Callum got hurt, my stomach tied in knots.

“I thought of Paul, I thought of you and I just had to come down to see if you’re OK.

“So tell me the truth Ben, are you OK?”

As Ben admitted he wasn’t, he sobbed into Pam’s arms.

Later Ben opened up to Callum – but it wasn’t what anyone was expecting.

Fans marveled as Pam was able to comfort Ben and get him to open up about his feelings
Many people marvelled at the way Pam was able comfort Ben and get his thoughts out.

He told him how he was terrified of him dying like Paul and ashamed that he froze and couldn’t fight back.

“They could have killed you like they did Paul,”He said.

“I always said if I’d have been there I could have saved him but I didn’t, did I. I just froze.”

Callum Ben, his partner Callum, Stacey Slater, and Eve Unwin were all directly affected by the homophobic attack by Neil and members his hate group.

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After narrowly escaping injury or worse on New Year’s Eve, when a bomb was placed near The Albert, but not detonated, Ben Mitchell will be one of the characters drawn into the right-wing hate groups storyline in upcoming scenes.

Pam is very familiar with the emotional traumas caused by homophobic violence. Paul, her grandson, was attacked and killed while he was still dating Ben.

Lin Blakley, the Pam actress joined EastEnders when she was in 2014. She left fans in dismay in 2016, but has since made many cameo appearances.

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