EastEnders most dramatic moments are: wedding heartbreak, brutal rock push, and murder


Janine Butcher (EastEnders favorite) and Linda Carter (WestEnders favorite) were involved in a horrific car crash.

Janine crashes her car, and Janine and Linda are both taken to the hospital. Linda and Janine suffer severe injuries. But will they be able to survive?

EastEnders aired some the most tragic and heartbreaking moments on TV since its inception in 1985.

Albert Square has witnessed it all, from wedding day disasters to shocking deaths, brutal murders, and unexpected returns.

These moments often led to the tragic deaths many beloved soap characters.

Silver Screen Beat examines the most dramatic moments in EastEnders while viewers wait to see if Janine or Linda survive.

Dirty Den is raped twice

Viewers presumed Dirty Den was dead after a dramatic showdown in 1988
After a dramatic 1988 battle, viewers assumed Dirty Den was dead.

EastEnders are known for their most notorious character, ‘Dirty Den Watts. This includes serving Angie with divorce papers at Christmas and his affairs with several Walford residents.

But his savagery came back to haunt he in 1988, when he was forced by The Firm to surrender to the police.

The only way he was able to escape The Firm was to surrender and accept the rape for an arson attack that occurred a few years prior.

Later, he was remanded to HMP Dickens Hill prison, but while en route to his 1989 trial, The Firm stole the vehicle and kidnapped Den.

Dirty Den was killed after a shock return to the square
After a shocking return to the square, Dirty Den was killed

He managed to escape but was shot later by an unknown gunman. He fell into a canal and viewers assumed he was dead.

Albert Square residents were in for the shock of their lives 14 years later when the Queen Vic Pub opened its doors.

Den’s body was not visible to viewers. The villain explained that the canal body was actually an older member of The Firm who was killed for Den’s escape.

After fleeing to Spain in 2002, Den had remarried Chrissie, his new wife. However, within 18 months he was back on the square and up to his old tricks.

After his disastrous seduction of Zoe Slater by Chrissie, he attacked Den and left him for dead. This ended his reign of terror for good.

Tiffany is murdered on New Year’s Eve

Tiffany Mitchell was killed in a tragic car accident in 1999
Tiffany Mitchell was tragically killed in a car accident in 1999.

Martine McCutcheon was 1999’s EastEnders beauty. This was one of the most tragic and dramatic moments.

Tiffany Mitchell, Martine’s character on Square Back in the Nineties, became a fan favorite because of her friendship with Bianca.

Grant Mitchell was a turbulent partner in her relationship. She decided not to frame her for pushing her down the stairs. Grant, however, had other ideas.

After being released from prison, he took Courtney, their daughter, and chased Tiffany after him.

Desperately, she ran onto the road to escape Frank Butcher’s car and was instantly struck by it on New Year’s Eve.

Tiffany is not forgotten, and her best friend Bianca named her daughter in her honor in 2004.

Who shot Phil Mitchell?

Phil Mitchell was shot in 2001 - leaving viewers wondering who the culprit was
Phil Mitchell was gunned down in 2001. This left viewers puzzled as to who it was.

The Who Shot Phil Mitchell storyline was TV’s most famous who did it, following J.R Ewing’s similar fate in American Drama Dallas.

It had been years of tensions between Phil and Walford residents Steve Owen, Lisa Shaw and Mark Fowler. In 2001, the situation reached its peak when Phil was gunned down on his doorstep.

It would take months for the culprit to be found, and viewers were shocked when Phil’s girlfriend Lisa revealed the identity of the villain.

Barry gets pushed by Janine off the cliff

Janine Butcher pushed husband Barry off a cliff in 2004
Barry was pushed off the cliff by Janine Butcher in 2004

While everyone knows Janine Butcher has a wicked streak, nobody could have expected that she would push Barry off a cliff.

Barry fell head over heels in love with Janine, but it was all a façade. The truth was revealed during their honeymoon.

Barry realized Janine was not his wife and he tried to persuade her to love him again. “You have got a heart.”

Janine was not pleased and pushed Barry over a cliff, watching him die for her deplorable acts.

Bradley Branning’s fatal roof fall

Bradley Branning died during a dramatic scene in EastEnders' first ever live episode
Bradley Branning was killed during an intense scene in EastEnders first live episode

EastEnders’ 2015 live episode was a celebration of the soap’s 30th Anniversary. It left viewers stunned with a shocking wedding day death.

Bradley Branning wed Stacey Slater during the special episode, after forgiving Max for his indiscretions.

Bradley’s involvement in Archie Mitchell’s death was a major distraction from their celebration.

He and Stacey were unable to escape Albert Square until Bradley was chased by the police to a rooftop.

In a shocking ending to the episode, Bradley fell and fell to his death.

Things got even more dramatic when Max pulled Stacey from Bradley’s body. She sobbed as he did. “didn’t do it”.

Bradley’s family was confused when Stacy admitted: “It was me. I killed Archie.”

Who murdered Lucy Beale

Lucy Beale was murdered in 2013 by her little brother Bobby
Bobby, Lucy Beale’s little brother, murdered Lucy Beale in 2013.

EastEnders love a good Who Did It storyline. Ten years after Phil Mitchell’s attempted murder, another Walford resident was freed.

Lucy Beale was killed in her brief relationship to Max Branning. The killer was not revealed until over a decade later.

Max Branning was arrested in the interim after being identified as a suspect. But, the true killer was quickly revealed in shock.

The Beale family were left devastated by Lucy's murder
Lucy’s assassination left the Beale families devastated

Although Little Bobby Beale was the youngest and quietest son of Ian Beale, he was an ardent murderer.

A special live episode from the 30th anniversary of the soap showed that he was the murderer.

Bobby was eventually caught by his mom, who tried to cover him up. He was later sent to a young criminal’s institute for his crimes. Before returning to the square, he was sentenced to prison.

Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell wedding day heartbreak

Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell sadly died on Ronnie's wedding day to Jack Branning
Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell tragically died during Ronnie’s marriage day to Jack Branning

EastEnders has seen its fair share of heartbreaks, but Ronnie Mitchell’s marriage to Jack Branning was the most tragic.

Jack took Jack and his children upstairs to the hotel room, where he read them a story.

Roxy Mitchell and Ronnie Mitchell celebrated by continuing the celebrations with champagne but later decided that they would take a quick dip into the pool.

Roxy jumped in the water and began to drown, turning their fun into tragedy.

Ronnie attempted to save her but she too began struggling in the water. She tragically died with her sibling.

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