EastEnders spoilers – Phil Mitchell will be sent to prison for Raymond’s violent kidnapping


The stars of EastEnders try to overcome January blues, just weeks after Christmas. Viewers should be prepared for the worst when Phil Mitchell is revealed as he could face life behind bars.

Last week, Raymond, the BBC soap icon, ran off with Denise Fox (his mother), causing chaos in Watford.

It was up to the double act of Phil’s lovers Kat Slater and Sharon Watts to track him down as they scoured through Clacton to find the Arches owners.

But they weren’t the only people who found the pair as Phil heard the sirens of the police in the distance while he camped out in a caravan with his son.

EastEnders fans fear Phil Mitchell soap exit as Walford bad boy faces life in prison
EastEnders fans worry about Phil Mitchell soap exit, as Walford bad boy faces death in prison

His partner Kat convinced him that he should surrender to police. He was also arrested for child abduction and his connection to Vincent Hubbard’s murder.

Phil hoped that the police would not produce any evidence and he expected to spend no more than seven year in prison as he sat with Ritchie Scott, his solicitor, in the interrogation area.

But his hopes of seeing Albert Square again soon were dashed when Ritchie warned him that he might be in prison.

But when the star handed him in to the police, viewers feared he could be leaving the show for good
Kat Slater persuaded Phil to surrender after he kidnapped Raymond

To make life easier for his family, Kat Slater was lied to by him and said that he would be out in two and half years if he kept good behavior.

However, the East End gangster soon began to organize his affairs and he had a change in his mind about lying to his mother about his possible sentence in prison.

Raymond attempted to make amends with Raymond but Isaac and Lola stopped him from going to see the tot. Lola and Isaac warn him that Ben, his older brother, is who he should be concerned about more.

But can Phil trust his son Ben to look after his businesses while he's inside?
But Phil can he trust Ben to look after the businesses of his business while he is away?

It happened after Ben shouted at Lexi, six years old, last week. He angrily kicked Lexi across the room after he had lashed back at Lola, Lola’s mother.

Phil visited his son quickly to find out if he could handle the business on his own, but quickly realized there was something wrong.

Following his earlier outburst on this week, and the possibility that the TV legend could face life in prison for his actions, he informs Ben that he has decided to sell the businesses because of his instability.

Determined to make his dad proud, he begs him to reconsider even though he knows he isn’t in a good place mentally, but will Phil trust him enough to manage the family estate on his own?

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