Ebanie Bridges fumes “f*** you guys”In interview


Ebanie bridges won her first title at the world in Leeds, Saturday night. The Blonde Bomber instantly got into a passionate rant.

Maria Cecilia Roman of Argentina, who held the belt since 2017, was unanimously defeated by the Australian. Bridges then told DAZN: “Can I f****** fight or not? F*** you guys who think I can’t fight.

“I can f***ing fight. I can box and fight. And I look hot on the scales. So hopefully I have proven a lot of doubters wrong. It makes me proud and it makes me happy that all the sacrifices and work I have done was worth it.

“This belt represents everything; all the heartbreaks, the sacrifice and all the training so I’m happy.

“She was a strong champion, and it allowed me to do the things I love.

“I love that kind of fight. I know it’s not the fight we’re supposed to have but I love those kind of fights because it’s good for the fans. I’m about entertaining and for me, that was so fun. It was tough, she was the champion and she brought it and that was awesome.”

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Ebanie Bridges beat Maria Cecilia Roman to win the IBF World Bantamweight Title
Maria Cecilia Roman was defeated by Ebanie Bridges to win the IBF World Bantamweight Title

Saturday evening marked Bridges’ second attempt to win a world championship title, after her unanimity defeat to Shannon Courtenay last march.

The Blonde Bomber jumped out of the blocks with some big hits on her opponent, setting the tone for the rest.

Roman had hoped that Bridges would be gassed out but a late flurry by the Argentine was not enough to keep her world title.