Ecuador landslide leaves at least 11 people dead and 40 people swept away by floods – World News


The capital Quito was hit hard by heavy rains in Ecuador. This has resulted in a mudslide that left people buried under the debris. At least 11 people have been confirmed dead by authorities so far.

After torrential rains in Ecuador, shocking images show how people were swept down main streets by mudslides. There have been 11 deaths and over 30 injuries.

It can be seen that muddy water sweeps down roads, taking cars and containers with it. However, people are being pushed by its force.

Belen Bermeo, a resident, spoke out to local media: “I saw how the current swept away a man and a boy, it was terrible.”

Emerson Rubio also tweeted: “Right now in La Gasca, in Quito there is a mudslide caused by the heavy rain. The water is sweeping away several cars and there are people trapped.”

You can hear the screams of others trying to rescue them from the water.

Mayor of Quito confirmed that 11 people were killed and 32 more were injured.

According to the local authority, the mudslide was the result of the most severe rainfall since 2003 when 75 litres per square meter fell.

People were advised to stay at home and wait to be rescued from the emergency services.

A local authority statement read: “Quito Mayor Santiago Guarderas Izquierdo is coordinating the emergency work caused by the mudslide that occurred on Monday afternoon, January 31, which has killed 11 deaths – with four of those people identified.

“There are 32 injured who have been taken to refuges nearby and families affected have been put up in hostels.”

The mudslide has affected the Comuna area of Quito with the mudslide flowing down La Gasca avenue which had become full of mud and debris.

Police, fire fighters and soldiers along with other specialist emergency services were helping to get people to safety.

The rain began in the area of “El Tejado” ravine caused by the heavy rain over the last few days.

The mudslide swept past a sports centre were people were playing and that is believed to be where the majority of the deaths so far took place.

Images on social media also show soldiers working in extremely difficult terrain with the mud continuing to flow and taking with it large debris.

In one distressing clip a body can be seen being taken out of the mud while another image shows a girl being rescued and carried to safety by police.

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