Ed Sheeran splashed £50K on c-bomb themed art for his private home pub


The multimillionaire musician spent quite a lot on an original piece of art. British artist Harland Miller has created a piece of art that contains an extremely abusive word in huge letters.

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Ed Sheehan proved that he is a man of taste and money. He spent a large sum of cash on an eye-popping piece of art.

The 31-year-old millionaire musician seems determined to spend as much of his money as he can – with his almost village sized home, adjoining pub, and huge grounds.

Now, the star is said to be turning his attention to art and to have bought a large painting with a drawing of the word c.

Harland Miller (58), a Yorkshire artist, is the one who created this eye-catching piece. He is also a novelist and famously creates giant canvasses of Penguin Book covers.

Silver Screen Beat Sunday reports that Ed’s latest purchase cost an eye-watering £50,000 – although that’s not much compared to Ed’s estimated £150 million fortune – and has pride of place in his home pub.

The star spoke for the publication: “I’m into stuff that’s offensive. I’ve got a massive painting in my pub that just says ‘Pipe Down C***’.

“It’s by Harland Miller (a contemporary artist and writer) who does covers of Penguin books and I’ve got another one from him too that’s just a bit more PG.”

Ed seems to be making plans for more money, and it is not over yet.

The dad-of-one is reportedly planning to set up a residency at a UK music venue where fans will be able to travel to see him perform – with the star expecting to sell out the venue over a five year period.

Ed will be traveling with his family to Australia next year, where he has Lyra Antarctica, a 18-month-old girl with Cherry Seaborn.

The Mirror reported that he said: “I don’t think I’d tour if they couldn’t join me. I don’t want to miss milestones.

“I saw her first steps and heard her first words. And she’s quite portable…”

However, he intends to keep the family unit together after that. “I’d love to book out a theatre in London and say: ‘I’m playing here three times a week for the next five years.’”

Star also stated that he prefers to have a residency in the UK to perform shows nightly and accumulate millions of dollars.

He stated: “Every time I play Vegas, it’s like you’re the warmup to their nigh.

“It’s just people heading to a club later. Nobody listens, they’re just there to get p*ssed.”

Residencies in the UK are more rare – but can still see stars pocket millions.

Back in 2009, Michael Jackson announced he would take over the O2 Arena in London for a 10 concert residency that was expected to make him £50 million.

However, he died before the shows began – passing away on June 25 that year, aged 50, just three weeks before the shows were due to begin.

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